Stranded in Arabic: Tales of the Novel in Translation

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Stranded in Arabic: Tales of the Novel in Translation
  AbstractStranded in Arabic:Tales of the Novel in TranslationBy Maya Kesrouany This dissertation examines the history of the translation of the European novel into Arabic from the middle of the 1 th  century until the 1!"#s primarily in E$ypt and %ebanon& 't studies the complex exchan$e in this particular context of translation under different forms of British and (rench coloni)ation and under *ttoman rule+ readin$ four such performances of translation into Arabic closely: But  ,rus al-Bust.n/#s 101 translation of 2aniel 2efoe#s  Robinson Crusoe  31415+ Mus  ,t  ,afa al-Manfal6t  , /#s 17! translation of Bernadin de Saint-8ierre#s  Paul et Virginie  314005 and his 119 adaptation of (ranois ;en< de =hateaubriand#s  René  and  Atala  310"75+ Muh  ,ammad al-Sib.>/#s 117 translation of =harles 2ic?ens#s  A Tale of Two Cities  31095+ and finally Muh  ,ammad @  ,usayn @ay?al#s 7-volume bio$raphy of ean acues ;ousseau+ published in 171 and 17!& The dissertation ar$ues that the novel in Arabic cannot be read except throu$h the complex exchan$e that happens in the translation of the European text into the Arabic context& ;e-readin$ canonical mappin$s of the developmentof the novel+ my dissertation also see?s to use the context of translation into Arabic to uncover some of the assumptions of Cestern $enealo$ical accounts of the novel& Moreover+ in exposin$ these assumptions+ DStranded in Arabic For?s to unveil some of the intricacies of the translation process and to shoF hoF such particular moments of adaptation into a forei$n lan$ua$e can help us rethin? the concept of $enre and reception much more broadly+ across and in spite of national boundaries& The 'ntroduction lays out a $eneral historical map of the movement of translation and then ta?es up particular theories that spea? to the complexity of the translation of the novel into an Arabic context& The folloFin$ chapters  place each translator in a particular socio-historical settin$ and then read his translations closely in comparison Fith the British and (rench ori$inals& Every chapter concludes on the  particular borroFin$s and form of each translation and the insi$ht those provide into the ori$inals and into the novel as a $enre&
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