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DAVID MARTINEZAIA & NCARBPROFILE I’m a Project Architect with eight years of experience. I’m highly motivated and have strong problem-solving, communication,…
DAVID MARTINEZAIA & NCARBPROFILE I’m a Project Architect with eight years of experience. I’m highly motivated and have strong problem-solving, communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills. I have a diverse portfolio, including new construction and existing, and a great deal of experience with multi-family housing, mixed-use, hotels, civic, and retail projects to name a few. In addition, adaptive reuse of historic buildings has been a specialty of mine. Within the office, I have experience in leadership, marketing, new business development, and administration. Outside of the office, I participate in local and national community events and organizations.EXPERIENCE Dimension IV-Madison / Madison, WI / 11.2014 - 8.2019 + Title: Project Architect + Project Types: Adaptive Reuse, Historic Rehabilitation, New Construction; Mixed-Use, Multi-Family Housing, Office, Civic, Retail, Hospitality + Experience: I worked on a wide range of projects spanning from a barn renovation to a 250,000 square foot adaptive reuse, multi-family, historic rehabilitation. I carried projects from schematic design through the end of construction. I worked independently, within teams, and led teams to produce concept sketches, renderings, material boards, marketing materials, specifications, and construction documents. During construction administration I was responsible for responding to RFIs and submittals. I prepared submittal documents for local and national agencies, including design commissions, code reviews, and historic reviews. Most recently, I was the lead on one of the firm’s larger projects, taking it from schematic design through construction administration. I was also the primary contact for the clients, contractors, and consultants. While at Dimension IV I gained experience working with a traditional project method, as well as alternatives, including design-build and integrated project delivery. Within the office I was fortunate to have participated in business development, marketing, mentoring, activity planning, interviewing job candidates, onboarding new staff, in-house education, and staff management.Omgivning / Los Angeles, CA / 12.2011 - 10.2014 + Title: Job Captain / Architectural Intern + Project Types: Adaptive Reuse, Historic Rehabilitation; Multi-Family Housing, Office, Hospitality, Theater Rehabilitation + Experience: The majority of my experience was with adaptive reuse of historic buildings in and around downtown Los Angeles. I worked with teams on a number of projects from schematic design through construction administration. I was integral in the production of concept sketches, programmatic layouts, coordination documents, design documents, and construction documents. I also interfaced with clients, consultants, and contractors on a regular basis. In addition, I coordinated with municipalities, organizations, and agencies to gain approvals on projects.Johnson Fain / Los Angeles, CA / 8.2011 - 11.2011 + Title: Job Captain / Architectural Intern + Project Type: Planned Housing Development in China + Experience: The project consisted of a range of housing types, including multi-family through single-family homes. Shared spaces were incorporated into the site, including pedestrian walkways, parks, green spaces, a river, and a community center. I assisted with the dwelling and site layouts, as well as the production of drawings and 3D models for the entire development. I also created presentation materials and participated in teleconferences with the client in China.Taschen / Los Angeles, CA / 10.2010 - 4.2011 + Title: Production Intern + Experience: I assisted in the production of art books, which included laying out graphics and text, assembling book mockups, and archiving digital and physical subject materials. I also had the opportunity to sketch a 3D model for a pop-up bookstore, and draft as-built drawings for the office space within the historic Crossroads of the World building in Hollywood.SSOE Inc. / Chicago, IL & Toledo, OH / 9.2007- 8.2008 + Title: Student Intern + Project Types: Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities + Experience: I assisted multiple project teams by providing drafting support. This included coordination with in-house engineers. Throughout the internship I was introduced to multiple drafting and workflow management platforms. dbrymartinez@gmail.com1 of 12630-544-1249EDUCATION University of Southern California / Los Angeles, CA / 2010 + Master of Architecture Degree + Graduate Certificate of Landscape ArchitectureBowling Green State University / Bowling Green, OH / 2008 + Bachelor of Science in Technology + Major in Architecture and Environmental DesignTECHNICAL EXPERIENCE + Revit + SketchUp + AutoCAD + Rhino+ InDesign + Illustrator + Photoshop+ Outlook + Word + ExcelINTERESTS ProfessionalExtracurricular+ Business development + Employee engagement + Mentoring+ In-house education + Event planning+ Furniture making + Woodworking + PaintingLinks + LinkedIn: + Issuu:* Please click on company and project names within this document for direct links to websites.REFERENCES Sheila Ace / Dimension IV-Madison / Owner + Phone: 608-829-4451 + Email: sace@dimensionivmadison.comRon Siggelkow, AIA / Dimension IV-Madison / Owner + Phone: 608-829-4455 + Email: rsiggelkow@dimensionivmadison.comMorgan Sykes Jaybush / Omgivning / Project Manager & Mentor + Phone: 323-687-8065 + Email: (preferred) * Additional references available upon request.dbrymartinez@gmail.com2 of 12630-544-1249Landmark By The Rivers La Crosse, WI / 2019 + Firm: Dimension IV-Madison + Project Type: Historic Rehabilitation, Adaptive Reuse, Multi-Family, Mixed-Use + Project Scope: Renovation of a historic manufacturing building into a mixed-use development. The project is split into two buildings, a one-story building on the north end, and a three-story building on the south end. North building: This half contains the majority of the historic fabric, which drove the Historic designation of the overall building. The concrete and brick envelope is supported by an exposed steel structure, which remains as a highlight of the space. On the exterior walls historically-appropriate windows were installed in the original openings, including 14’ high by 17’ wide windows on the east facade. The building now contains an enclosed parking garage and commercial tenant spaces.North Building ca. 1920 South building: This portion of the project was a 1930’s addition to the original north building. It’s a three-story steel and brick building, and is now home to commercial tenant spaces on the first floor, and 64 railroad-style apartment units on the second and third floors. A fourth floor penthouse was added, which functions as a club room and patio for the apartment residents, which offers views of the Mississippi River, downtown La Crosse, and 360 degree views of the surrounding bluffs. Continued on next page.South Building ConstructionSoutheast Perspective dbrymartinez@gmail.com3 of 12630-544-1249Landmark By The Rivers La Crosse, WI / 2019 Both buildings have undergone extensive renovation efforts. This included lead abatement, window replacement, brick repointing, subslab reinforcement, and roof replacement, all of which had been reviewed for their compliance with the Historic Preservation Standards and Guidelines on the state and national levels.ONE-STORY BUILDINGGAS AND ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENTSouth BuildingSOUTH NORTHELECTRICAL ROOM DN DNBIKE / KAYAK ROOMCOMMERCIAL TENANTDNDDNTRASH / RECYCLECOMMERCIAL TENANTDNCOMMERCIAL TENANTBUILDING STORAGECOMMERCIAL TENANTFIRE LANEBUILDING STORAGECOMMERCIAL TENANT ENCLOSED PARKINGDNOVERAL2DNFIRE DEPARTMENT CONNECTIONFIRE DEPARTMENT CONNECTIONDNENCLOSED PARKINGDNCOMMERCIAL TENANTD525 2nd Street La Crosse, WI 5EAST ENTRANCE2EAST ENTRANCE1/32" = 1'-0"OVERALL BUILDING PLAN - FIRST FLOOR 1/32" = 1'-0"0'8'16'32' NORTHSO UTDNSTAIR RESTROOMSB PACKAGES OFFICESTAIR RESTROOMSB PACKAGES OFFICETRASH / RECYCLERESIDENT ELEVATOR LOBBY STAIR LEASINGCOMMERCIAL TENANTRESIDENT ELEVATOR LOBBY STAIR LEASINGCOMMERCIAL TENANT DNCOMMERCIAL TENANTCORRIDORSTAIR ALa Crosse BuildingFIRE LANECORRIDORCOMMERCIAL TENANTMECH / ELECLOBBY / EXITBIKE / KAYAK ROOMDNDNMECH / ELEC RESTROOMSDNDNWEST ENTRANCEELECTRICAL ROOM DN DN COMMERCIAL RESTROOMS TENANTCOMMERCIAL TENANTWEST ENTRANCESOUTH NORTHTHREE-STORY BUILDING THREE-STORY BUILDINGdimensionivmadison.comMECHANICAL EQUIPMENTMECHANICAL EQUIPMENTTENANT PATIONorth BuildingONE-STORY BUILDINGTRASH/ RECYCLETRASH/ RECYCLEGAS AND ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT6515 Grand Teton Plaza Madison, Wisconsin 537 p608.829.4444 f60BUILDING DND:\Revit Models\14153 JJAWC dmartinez@dimensionivmadison.rvtDNUPDATE OF ISSU REVISIONS:UPUP4 6SI# SI#UP6PROJECT # 6PSTAIR STORAGE STAIRSTORAGEOVERA11/16/2018 4:57:11 PMSTORAGE STORAGE1 1BASEMENT PLAN - NORTH BUILDING 1/32" = 1'-0"0'8'16'32' NORTHNorth Building dbrymartinez@gmail.com4 of 12630-544-1249BASEME 1/32" = 1'-0"GLandmark By The Rivers / La Crosse, WI / 2019EXTERIOR4"EXISTING BRICK WALL, 6515 Grand Teton Plaza, Suite 120 EXISTING BRICK WALL, 6515 Grand Teton Plaza, Suite 120 3 WYTHES THICK 3 WYTHES THICKMadison, Wisconsin 537191/8"3/8"9' - 0"1 1/4"La Crosse PlowLa Crosse PC-1 BEDROOM DETAIL ORIGINAL STEEL WINDOW - JAMB & MULLION ORIGINAL STEEL WINDOW - JAMB & MULLION DETAIL 2 CPT-3 3" = 1'-0" 3 3" = 1'-0" Building Building 5 9D S 309A S7' - 4"1' - 0 3/4"APPLIED ALUMINUM MUNTINS9' - 0"2 E.QCPT-3E.Q9KTPHGLAZING COMPOUND, TYPTPH1A7.30A7.303621/8"AR ATION 1' - 0 3/4"4"0'1"2"41' - 0 3/4" 1"dbrymartinez@gmail.com9' - 0"9/16"31 1/2" 11/16" A7.32A7.31KITCHEN2"11/16"161 7/16"150'1"1"1" 2"3 3/8"1' - 0 3/4"4"1CPT-34"ORIGINAL STEEL WINDOW - SILL DETAIL UNIT 2B STEEL ORIGINAL WINDOW - SILL DETAIL 3" = 1'-0" 1 33" = 1'-0"1/4" = 1'-0"5 of 125' - 4" 132BATHROOMPT-1A7.30TB24A7.30322TPH1239D S 3024TB18225626 275282 266' - 2"9A S8' - 8"14' - 10"MASTER BEDROOMCPT-31' - 7"09/14/2018529D S 30A. SEE1AB. PR DIFFUS13' - 10"C. REFA02/21/2018 ADDENDUM 11/16/2018 SI#1202/21/2018 11/16/20189A S9A SAD. REFA7.32E. CEN OTHER UNLESF. EXIS PANELREF.9A7.31 15# PROJECT EQ#14153EQBG. DEM INCLUD AND ST14153H. DUC BUILDIKITCHEN A7.32J. PEN FRAME15 A7.31K. PAINL. DIME9A5' - 8"M. P2-F6' - 2"N. LENO. UNIT ATTAC0'1"2"LIVING ROOM9D S 30PC-1 21EXISTING BRICK WALL, 3 WYTHES THICK1' - 0 3/4" 2"2034" EXISTING CONCRETE SILLEXISTING BRICK WALL, 3 WYTHES THICK1"199C S21WINDOW & WALL& WALL WINDOW DETAILS DETAILS9D S 301 1/4"0'1813SI #12EXISTING CONCRETE SILL 717 49A SCH 8PHASE 2 PHASE 2 SI #12LIVING ROOM12 1/4"A7.30315BGROUTED INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR6' - 8"29A SE.Q70' - 0"GLAZING COMPOUND, TYPEXISTING STEEL BOTTOM RAIL, SET (1) BRICK EXISTING STEEL BOTTOM WYTHE-DEEP FROM RAIL, SET (1) BRICK WYTHE-DEEPPROJECT FROM EXTERIOR FACE OF BRICK EXTERIOR FACE OF BRICK WALL - SEE JAMB DETAIL WALL - SEE JAMB DETAIL4" 4"1 SI#12 6PT-1A7.30TPH169A S9A9PC-1EXISTING BRICK WALL, 3 WYTHES THICK1' - 4"15 CHBATHROOM2EXISTING INTERIOR 4"GLAZED TRUE DIVIDED-EXISTING INTERIOR GLAZED TRUE DIVIDEDLIGHT WINDOW LIGHT WINDOWSLOPETB2417126 EXISTING STEEL MUNTINGROUTED INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR6' - 2" SLOPEEXISTING CONCRETE SILLEXISTING BRICK WALL, 3 WYTHES THICK0'2 1/2"4" SEE A6.5 AND A6.6 FOR SEE A6.5 AND A6.6 FOR REPLACEMENT WINDOW INFORMATIONREPLACEMENT WINDOW INFORMATION 1 1/4" EXISTING CONCRETE SILL4" C9A7/8"7/8"SEALANT AND BACKER RODNEW ALUMINUM WINDOW - SILL DETAIL UNITDETAIL 2B RCP NEW ALUMINUM WINDOW - SILL 3" = 1'-0" 4 1/4" = 1'-0" 4 3" = 1'-0"4"A7.31SLOPE1 1/4"REF.1 7/16"3 3/8"SLOPEEQALUMINUM BOTTOM RAILSEALANT AND BACKER ROD4"D:\Revit Models\14153 JJAWC dmartinez@dimensionivmadison.rvtALL11/16/2018 5:54:22 PMSILLEQ1 1/2"2 1/2"4 9/16" AT BRICK ALUMINUM BOTTOM RAIL2 1/2"2 1/2"SEE 3 / A6.10 & 4 / A6.10 FOR SILL REPAIR AND SEE 3 / A6.10 & 4 / A6.10 VENT/FAUX REPLACEMENT DETAILSFOR SILL REPAIR AND VENT, SEE REPLACEMENT DETAILS LEVATIONS8' - 4"4 9/16"E.QREVISIONS: REVISIONS: 1 ADDENDUMGLAZING COMPOUND, TYPTB2414864' - 1 1/4" *EXTERIOREXISTING STEEL MUNTIN9A S9/16"SIMULATED LIGHT WINDOW9D S 30EXTERIOR2LAUNDRY PC-19A SDATE OF ISSUE: 09/14/2018 DATE OF ISSUE:CPT-33/8"ALUMINUM SPACER, DARK BRONZE FINISH, TYP ALUMINUM SPACER, DARK C BRONZE FINISH, TYP SIMULATED LIGHT WINDOW2TB1823' - 10"A7.32APPLIED ALUMINUM MUNTINS1/8"3/8"12W/D139A S9A9' - 0" 2' - 3"DW3/4"INTERIORS9A3/4"INTERIOREXTERIORAPPLIED ALUMINUM MUNTINS9' - 0"ORIGINAL STEEL WINDOW - HEAD DETAIL 4' - 0" 9' - 0" ORIGINAL STEEL WINDOW - HEAD DETAIL 3" = 1'-0" 2 3" = 1'-0" 13' - 0" (1ST & 2ND FLOORS) (1ST & 2ND FLOORS)AAT BRICK2610 11A8.329A SMASTER BEDROOMEXTERIORINTERIOR212CHAtrium88INTERIORALLN1' - 7"NEW ALUMINUM WINDOW - HEAD DETAIL NEW ALUMINUM WINDOW - HEAD DETAIL 5 3" = 1'-0" (1ST & 2ND FLOORS) (1ST & 2ND FLOORS)E.QEXISTING STEEL MUNTIN12' - 6"3' - 6"53" = 1'-0" (3RD FLOOR)(3RD FLOOR)E.QWINDOW HEADGLAZING COMPOUND, TYPEXISTING STEEL 13 BATHROOM MUNTINPT-1251A9D S 303' - 6"5 EXISTING STEEL6' - 2"1' - 1"9ASEE A6.5 AND A6.6 FOR SEE A6.5 AND A6.6 FOR REPLACEMENT WINDOW INFORMATIONREPLACEMENT WINDOW INFORMATION29D S 3019A S9A SCPT-39' - 0"4 9/16"EXISTING9KINTERIOR EXISTING INTERIOR 9C GLAZED TRUE DIVIDEDGLAZED TRUE DIVIDEDAT BRICK 5SH LIGHT WINDOW LIGHT WINDOWTB182470' - 0"APPLIED ALUMINUM APPLIED ALUMINUM MUNTINS 2 MUNTINS9A9A SHP7' - 6"7' - 6"9A S2' - 3"23AT BRICK9A S12 ALUMINUM SPACER, DARK BRONZE FINISH, TYP ALUMINUM SPACER, DARK BRONZE FINISH, TYP 9' - 0"SIMULATED DIVIDEDLIGHT WINDOWPT-14 9/16"148 99C S4EXISTING STEEL LINTELEXISTING STEEL A7.30 6 HEAD WINDOW7 9A8' - 0"9A S6' - 2"AT BRICK SIMULATED DIVIDEDSIMULATED DIVIDEDLIGHT WINDOW LIGHT WINDOWA7.305' - 10"1' - 7"NUMALUMINUM WINDOW HEADBATHROOM59A8' - 4"VIDED-22TB249A S61ACPT-322EXISTING STEEL LINTEL5BEDROOM9D S 3023' - 6"ALUMINUM WINDOW HEADCH44 9A S89' - 0" 1' - 8"EXISTING BRICK WALL, EXISTING BRICK WALL, 3 WYTHES THICK 3 WYTHES THICK9A8' - 10"24' - 2"EXISTING STEEL ANGLE9' - 0" 2ALUMINUM 4 9/16"WINDOW HEAD4 9/16" AT BRICK1' - 7"8' - 10"METAL TRIMSEALANT AND BACKER ROD9A STB246' - 2"SEALANT AND BACKER ROD6E.Q669A SEXTERIOR CPT-3LAUNDRY PC-181' - 10"3' - 4"EXISTING STEEL LINTELEXTERIORHP9A SE.QEXISTING STEEL LINTELW/D2EXISTING BRICK WALL, EXISTING BRICK WALL, 4 3 WYTHES THICK 3 WYTHES THICK EXISTING STEEL LINTELINTERIOR4' - 1 1/4" *9' - 0" INTERIOREXTERIOR4 2K WALL, EXISTING BRICK WALL, CK 3 WYTHES THICK2' - 10"EXTERIORINTERIOR389A S12525 2nd Street North 525 2nd Street North La Crosse, WILa 54601 Crosse, WI 546015' - 8" 9A9C S8INTERIOR EXTERIOR9' - 0"8' - 10"1' - 0 3/4"21 MECHANICAL SHAFT AT UNITS 222 & 32221A1' - 0 3/4"Plow1E 15' - 4"9A S5' - 0" 9E S 301' - 9"212' - 6"9' - 0"2' - 8" 9E S 3011' - 2"11D11' - 8"19E S 301' - 0"311' - 8"7' - 6"2 3/4"2' - 8"1' - 0"1C20' - 0"59E S 301 1/4"NEW ALUMINUM WINDOW - JAMB & MULLION NEW ALUMINUM WINDOW - JAMB &DETAIL MULLION DETAIL 3 3" = 1'-0" 6 3" = 1'-0" 1' - 0 3/4"1BEXISTING STEEL MULLION20' - 0"2 121AGLAZING COMPOUND, TYPDW68"SEE A6.5 AND A6.6 FOR SEE A6.5 AND A6.6 FOR REPLACEMENT WINDOW REPLACEMENT WINDOW INFORMATION INFORMATION10' - 3""EXISTING STEEL 3/8" MULLIONEXISTING STEEL MUNTIN5' - 4"1' - 0"9' - 0"1' - 11"5' - 0"1GLAZING COMPOUND, TYP1/8"3/8"2' - 0"31EXISTING STEEL MUNTIN1/8"ALUMINUM MULLION1SEE SHEET A1.0N FOR FLOOR PLAN GENERAL NOTES1 1/2"FLUNIT PLAN GENERAL NOTES3/4"1 1/2"2 3/4"5Rooftop Club RoomEXISTING INTERIOR GLAZED TRUE DIVIDED-EXISTING INTERIOR GLAZED TRUE DIVIDEDLIGHT WINDOW LIGHT WINDOW3/8"23' - 10"APPLIED ALUMINUM MUNTINSALUMINUM SPACER, DARK BRONZE FINISH, TYP ALUMINUM SPACER, DARK BRONZE FINISH, TYP ALUMINUM MULLION3/8" 1/8"1"3/4" APPLIED ALUMINUM MUNTINS3/8"Atrium Stair3/8" 1/8"1"INSULATED GLASSMadison, Wisconsin 53719 f608.829.4445 p608.829.4444 f608.829.4445 dimensionivmadison.comp608.829.4444 GROUTED INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR2' - 0"ALUMINUM WINDOW FRAME1/8"1' - 0"ALUMINUM WINDOW FRAME INSULATED GLASSGROUTED INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR3/8"SEALANT AND BACKER RODVARIES 3/4" TO 1-1/4"VARIES 3/4" TO 1-1/4"SEALANT AND BACKER RODEXTERIOR4"9' - 0"INTERIOREXISTING BRICK WALL, EXISTING BRICK WALL, 3 WYTHES THICK 3 WYTHES THICKTAIL2"INTERIOREXTERIOR9' - 8"EXTERIORINTERIOR1' - 0 3/4"24' - 6"INTERIOR1' - 0 3/4"1' - 0 3/4"11' - 2"1' - 0 3/4"4"2A6.8 A6.8UNIT 2A RCP 1/4" = 1'-0"273 4 51UNIT 2A0'1'2'4'1/4" = 1'-0"630-544-1249Graduate Madison Hotel Madison, WI / 2016 + Firm: Dimension IV-Madison + Project Type: Hospitality + Project Scope: Rooftop addition with new elevator and stair shafts, and partial remodel of the first floor. The hotel was renovated and rebranded, which called for improvements to the common areas. We worked with the hotel group’s interior designers to create fun, imaginative spaces. The scope on the first floor consisted of reworking the existing front desk area and dining room. On the roof, the existing penthouse suites were renovated into a restaurant, which resulted in an expanded footprint for a dining area and patio. Direct and accessible access, and egress to/from the street level were provided in a stair and elevator tower added to the south end of the hotel.View from Southeast    DATE OF IS    PROJECT #   ISSUED F  REVISIONS: A       6 of 12  630-544-1249         A2.0R 4ISS  CONS                   
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