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ABOUT PACE SETTERS BUSINESS EXPO AND SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARDSPace Setters Business Expo is organised to bring Entrepreneurs, Start-up Ventures, Small Businesses…
ABOUT PACE SETTERS BUSINESS EXPO AND SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARDSPace Setters Business Expo is organised to bring Entrepreneurs, Start-up Ventures, Small Businesses together from different works of life to showcase their products and services in order to create awareness in the community. The event allows participants to be exposed to the latest Marketing Strategies in order to help project and maximize their business potentials. The event also honours the people in the society who have set a good pace to be emulated by other. PSBExpo is not restricted to any colour, tribe, denomination or sex. Our vision at PSBEXPO is creating a world changing event with a purpose of Embracing Diversity, Uniting People, Diversity Fashion Shows, Hair & Beauty, Food & Entertainment, Arts & Crafts, Global Networking, Young Talents, Creating opportunities and providing a supportive platform to connect, learn other cultures, get Career advice, be inspired and make new connections. Above all celebrating One another Pace Setters Business Expo was conceived with several goals in mind: • To offer recognition to diverse dedicated and inspiring entrepreneurs worthy of emulation in our community; • To honour people that are pace setters for others to follow. • To bring attention to our local talented business owners; • To promote talented producers of branded products in our society.• To share knowledge and tips to crack global markets and growth in a short time. • To create an environment for “Business Networking”. • To promote economic development by focusing on the creative class; • To showcase global artists in the field of fashion, beauty, and performing arts. This mega event will offer an international platform for designers, Arts & Craft, business owners and entrepreneurs from every works of life to network with buyers and the media. It is a great opportunity to showcase local talents and network with people of like minds. This event is to promote businesses in Merseyside and in return, it promotes Liverpool as a city of great potentials. Highlights and Objectives of the day will include • Fashion show (Catwalk) • Special recognition awards • Liverpool and neighbouring business exhibition stalls • Magazine launch • Guest speakers • Business Pitching • Television interview • Social media networking and marking • Raffle draw • Entertainment • Red carpetFOLLOW US ONPacesetters Pacesetters19 Psbexpo WWW.PBSEXPO.COMABOUT THE FOUNDER Titilayo Odunaiya (Mrs.) The founder of Pacesetter and CEO of Temmyz Hair World Titilayo Odunaiya is a multi-award winner in the field of Hair, Beauty and Event Management. she is the founder of Pacesetters Business Expo and the Creative Director of Temmyz Hair World. She is a Computer Science graduate but has ventured into the world of beauty and style. As an entrepreneur, she recognises talents and encourages growth in businesses by planning events that will promote them to the world. Style, Elegance, Dignity and Beauty are concepts that drive her to serve others.FOLLOW US ONTemmyzhairW W W.T E M M Y Z H A I R .CO MShe started her Temmyz Hair business in 2013, with a passion to instil courage and selfconfidence in today’s women. She prides herself in the commitment to giving all customers access to superior quality hair extensions & wigs comfortable to serve the needs of women worldwide. Her wigs are custom handmade wigs. They are mostly braided wigs of different African styles, colour, texture and density customized for different individuals. Her passion lead her to launch Pacesetters Business Expo In 2017. Pacesetters Business Expo is an embodiment of Business,Entertainment & Events that bring about promoting one another. Pace Setters Business Expo is a yearly event organised to bring Entrepreneurs, Start-up Ventures, Small Businesses together from different works of life to showcase their products and services in order to create awareness in the community. The event allows participants to be exposed to the latest Marketing Strategies in order to help project and maximize their business potentials. The events also honours the people in the society who have set a good pace to be emulated by othersTHE HOSTUche OdoputeFabu DPACESETTER BUSINESS EXPO 2020MAY 23RDA N D S P E C I A L R E C O G N I T I O N AWA R D SWATC H O UT FOR MO RE DETAIL S: 0 7 4 0 5 4 8 4 6 2 7 / 0 7 8 4 7 0 9 3 9 5 3INTERNATIONALFOOD STORE LIVERPOOL THE BUSINESS MUST KNOW YOUR NAME, YOU MUST PUT ALL YOUR EFFORT IN IT AND THOUGH IT MIGHT NOT BE ROSY AT FIRST, IF YOU HAVE A FORESIGHT OF WHERE YOU’RE GOING THEN THE SKY WILL BE YOUR STEPPING STONE NOT YOUR LIMIT. - MR JOHN ITOROGOOD EVENING SIR. CAN YOU PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF. My name is Itoro John; I’m the owner of the International Food Store also known as an African Shop in Liverpool. We are the African food specialists so we specialise in the African food products; all African groceries. we make African fresh and already processed food available to the public. WHY AFRICAN SHOP? I feel the need to serve humanity in the capacity of distributing African food products in small scales because you have these very products elsewhere but you have people buying in bulk. I just looked at it and Iknew I could bring it down to small scales where everyone can be able to afford everything that they need from Africa. HOW DO YOU MANAGE TO KEEP UP WITH OPENING TIME BECAUSE MANY BUSINESSES DON’T DO THAT? Every business has an opening time and its ideal to keep to time. Imagine ASDA saying there opening time and they dont open at that time then it continues to show that they are not serious. we as Business owners should know how to keep to time so we don’t discourage our customers. People wake up early to getcustomers effectively and satisfying customers is the most important. HOW DO YOU HANDLE THIS BUSINESS BEING A MAN? It’s just like handling any other business being a man! HM: SO IS THERE ANY BUSINESS PERSON THAT YOU LOOK UP TO? DO YOU HAVE ANY ROLE MODEL IN BUSINESS? No I KNOW BUT YOU KNOW FOR WOMEN- YOU HAVE A FAMILY, AREN’T YOU BUSY? FOR EXAMPLE, IF A WOMAN WAS RUNNINGHOW DO YOU HANDLE THE STRESS OF BEING A BUSINESSMAN? When you have your goal and you need to achieve it, you just have to focus, think straight. Try to do the ones you can do and leave the ones you cannot do. AT THE MOMENT, WE MET YOU ALONE; DO YOU ALWAYS OPEN THE SHOP BY YOURSELF OR DO YOU HAVE STAFF? Yes. I do have staff but I open and close the shop myself. Although the workload is harder and tedious; I just have to put the best in it to satisfy every customer.The ability to serve customers effectively and satisfying customers is the most important to work and that is them building other people’s business. if this energy can be put into your own business then nothing can stop you from being successful. WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER TO BE THE MOST IMPORTANT TO YOU IN THE BUSINESS WORLD? The ability to serveTHIS STORE, SHE WOULD PROBABLY HAVE MORE FLARE, MAKE MORE FRIENDS, AND BE MUCH MORE SOCIALISING WITH THE PEOPLE? Well, I have more friends in C ON T A C T and U Srunning O N it this business is not that hard at all because it doesn’t stop me from doing whatever I want to do and however I want to interact with people.THIS IS CLEARLY A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS, WHAT WOULD YOU ATTRIBUTE IT TO? Success can only be delivered on the platform of hard work apart from it you have to pray to God so that whatever you are doing will be prosperous. However success needs hard work, for example, people are working in McDonalds,68 Prescott Road, Liverpool, L7 0JA Tel: 01512603499 / +447405192365 E-mail: people are working there 9-5 but somebody created that business and put hard work into it for it to be a success and people going to that job 9 - 5, they contribute to that business being a success. Whatever you want to do, you need to create time for it and put all your zeal and energy into it and it will be a success at the end of the path. That’s what I actually did: making sure that the business opens on time, going the extra mile to make sure that we have what other shops don’t have; having what will attracts more customers. That has been has brought the success. WHAT MAKES YOU OUTSTANDING? I work with people’s budget. i give discount on products bought. we aim at making all our customers happy. we introduce raffle draw, bonanza etc just to encourage our customers. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY WOULD BE YOUR GREATEST CHALLENGE THAT YOU’VE EVER ENCOUNTERED SINCE YOU STARTED THIS BUSINESS 9 YEARS AGO? My greatest challenge wouldbe sourcing for the products because I had people already in this business who said they would show me this and show me. That challenged me to start sourcing out from one product to the other looking for where to get these things in order to make each business day count and it worked. WHAT PIECE OF ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR UPCOMING ENTREPRENEURS? If you have the zeal to do something; first of all you must the zeal and love what you want to do, you don’t just want to go into something because other people are doing it; it must be what you want to do. If you do something because other people are doing it, you’ll find yourself, at the end of the day, wanting to get out of it. What I’m saying is, I had other African shops that opened here too; there were two down there that closed in less than 6 months because they did not know what they wanted to do. And there are people from 8 years ago, before actually taking up this business that said there was no gain in African shops. I would say that’s a lie becausethis business has been producing and reproducing in other fields as well, not only this business. As long as you have your goal or aim and you know what you want to do: there’s nothing stopping you. You have to put yourself aside and think straight about the business because you cannot be running a part time job and want a business at the same time. The business must know your name, you must put all your effort in it and though it might not be rosy at first, if you have you have a foresight know where you’re going the sky will be your stepping stone not even the limit. WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR PACESETTERS TEAM? Last year was a great success because the event encouraged many start-up businesses and growing ones to create awareness of what they do. it was a wakeup call to young entrepreneur that they can achieve anything. i will encourage them to keep up the good work. It the best platform i’ve seen and the organiser have done a very good job.International Food Store also known as The African Shop in Liverpool I N TE R N ATI ON A L FOOD S TORE M R J OH N I TOR OMOMENT WITH THE CHAIRMAN OF THE LIVERPOOLCOMMONWEALTH ASSOCIATIONGarth Orlando Dallas is a Jamaican-born British lawyer, entrepreneur and Global Diversity and Inclusion advocate. Pacesetter caught up with him to discuss his role as the recently elected Chair of the Liverpool Commonwealth Association.Q: Mr Dallas, Tell us about yourself A: I am Garth Dallas, I was born in Jamaica, and I am a lawyer, specialising in Business and Employment Law. However, I also do a lot of work in promoting community engagement, and diversity and inclusion. The concepts of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are embedded in everything I do, professionally and in my community work – not just locally in Liverpool but regional, nationally and internationally. It’s about working with businesses to see how Equality, Diversity and Inclusion can be built solidly within a business culture, for developing measurable socioeconomic benefits. It’s also about how we bring people together to truly express their diverse talents; how we bring people together to get the best out of each individual, whether that be within a business environment or within communities. I genuinely believe in the power of a sense of belonging and that, if people feel they belong in any particular environment, they will contribute more effectively. I have a strong track record of working closely with individuals from disadvantaged communities to explore how we can empower them to get the best out of themselves and, in getting the best out of themselves, society gets the best out of them as well. Their families get the best out of them, they are empowered to feel that they are valued, that they can achieve whatever they want, they can achieve greatness. Every one of us have individual talents and skills. I strongly believe that if we work closely with individuals and find out what is it that makes them tick, what is it that makes them better, that makes them want to excel, and then provide with the belief and resources to express their talents and skills, then they will benefit society. That is what Garth Dallas is all about in my professional life and in my personal life as well.Q: As the Chairman of the Commonwealth body, can you tell us what commonwealth is about in Liverpool? A: Well the idea of forming a Commonwealth Association in Liverpool was formed during the Liverpool International Festival for Business in 2014, after which a Steering Group was setup by Councillor Richard Kemp to explorethe practicalities of launching a Liverpool Commonwealth Association on Commonwealth Day 2015, March 7th. That aim was indeed achieved and diplomats from several High Commissions were present at Liverpool Parish Church on March 7, 2015 for the official launch of the Liverpool Commonwealth Association. Before that, in February 2015, David Alton (Lord Alton of Liverpool) gave a speech at the Liverpool John Moores University on the opportunities which the Commonwealth offers to the City of Liverpool and especially to its universities, and why Liverpool should be designated as “A Commonwealth City.” The Liverpool Commonwealth Association is pretty much about how we fit a modern Commonwealth into a Liverpool context, ie it is about representing the interests of the peoples of the Commonwealth who live in the Liverpool City Region. In that sense we are talking about how the Association engage with the very diverse Commonwealth communities from all 53 Commonwealth nations in the Liverpool City Region and also work with diplomats from the Commonwealth nations to explore with us how their country can interact with the Liverpool City Region to create employment and cultural links for mutual benefit. Fast-forward to 2019. I was elected to the position of Chair in January of this year, having previously served as Treasurer and General Secretary. I immediately set about ensuring that we have a robust plan of peoplecentred activities for the year. Going back to what I was saying before with regards to “a sense of belonging”, I believe that the Commonwealth people that we serve need to feel that they are central to the aims and objectives of the Association. Our mission is to proactively support members of the Liverpool City Region’s Commonwealth communities, and partner with the broader Commonwealth family and others, to improve the well-being of the Commonwealth communitiesand to advance their shared interests locally, regionally, nationally and globally. Our activities focus on enhancing bilateral trade with the Commonwealth and fostering cultural and educational links and exchanges. Take for example, business development and trade. We will ensure that individuals from the Commonwealth diaspora communities are encouraged to develop businesses that can trade with the Commonwealth, either directly or by being embedded in the supply chain of other, perhaps more established large trading businesses. It is important that the interest of our Commonwealth communities is properly represented and that is not just based on businesses, yes trade is great and of high priority, but I am also talking about issues that affects us on a day to day basis; issue that affect us in education; issues that affects us around our workplaces. How do we access sustainable employment within Liverpool City Region? How do we fit into the whole road map of the manifesto of the leaders of Liverpool City Region? How do we make sure that our people have a sense of belonging, empower themselves so they can build businesses, they can build social enterprises, they can build their own networks to feel like they are truly part of Liverpool City Region? That is what the Liverpool Commonwealth Association is all about today, it is representative of the needs and aspirations of the Commonwealth communities in the six boroughs of Liverpool City Region – Liverpool, Knowsley, Wirral, Halton, Sefton, St Helens.Q: So what inspired you to take up office? A: I am driven by a sense of service, the fact that we have to stand up and be counted. We have to be prepared to put our head above the parapet. I believe in the values of the Commonwealth Charter. The modern Commonwealth is not about empire building, it’s not about going back to the days of the British Empire, I am not talking about empire 2.0.“Any successful international project starts with local success”In my opinion the Commonwealth Charter, which was only signed in 2013, is an amazing document, representative of a model of best practice by which nations, and citizens of nations can affirm their commitment to respect for diversity and shared inheritance in language, culture and the rule of law; being bound together by shared history and tradition; by a respect for all states and peoples; by shared values and principles and by concern for the vulnerable. Respect for democracy, for rule of law, for our young people, for gender equality. I believe in those Commonwealth Charter values and when the opportunity arose towards the end of 2018 to take on the role of Chair I jumped at the opportunity to bring my own experiences andstyle to shaping the direction of the Liverpool Commonwealth Association in these times of vast geopolitical changes which can also present new opportunities and threats for the relevance of the Commonwealth to Liverpool City Region and indeed the UK. Yes, I am referring to the new world post-Brexit. I truly believe the Commonwealth is a vehicle by which the UK can benefit by working closely with our Commonwealth communities to engage the Commonwealth nations to have a sense of mutual respect, mutually beneficial trade deals and mutual understanding about how nations can work together in a connected way. The more connected we are the better we are. Whether or not we do wish to acknowledge it, the fact is we are a hugely connected and interdependent world. The Commonwealth nations, in my opinion, have an exciting pool of diverse talents and resources that I want to un-tap within a Liverpool context and I am happy to lead that process.We then moved on to develop a membership structure, for individuals and corporates. That too is now completed as we have decided on the following categories of membership: Individual Membership which is available to any person born in a Commonwealth country, who subscribe to the objects of the Company, with the ability to affect the governance of the Company by voting at the Company’s Annual General Meeting and who meets all other criteria for a Member as set out in the Company’s governing document. Association.Q: Since you assumed office, what have you been able to achieve?We have had four events already this year. On International Women’s Day, March 8th 2019 we hosted a very successful celebratory event, themed: “Better the Balance, Better, the World – Maximizing Our Diverse Abilities for A Better World”. We launched our women’s forum at the event, which was attended by approximately 80 women, all discussing relevant issues that affect women on a day-to-day basis.A: Right okay, how much time do you have? (Laugh). Only kidding, I will be brief. One of the first things I did since taking office starting in January was to reshape and define the aims, objectives, vision and mission of the Association. This is the foundation on which the Association operates,
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