No need to be an Indian to get an arranged marriage. The system forces you to get one overseas.

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No need to be an Indian to get an arranged marriage. The system forces you to get one overseas. If you want a “beating”, it is likely to happen. There’s…
No need to be an Indian to get an arranged marriage. The system forces you to get one overseas. If you want a “beating”, it is likely to happen. There’s nothing put in place for a single woman seeking independence in her own right easily Category: T. Dench Patel's Blogs By TPatel July 14, 2019 Leave a commentI have no idea how I came to this article, hmmm okay let me be frank with you. You know why I came to write this article? I just never thought about this topic until a week ago and what reminded me is this article that I came across right about now. If you’re German, you can travel without a visa to 187 countries. Take a look here. requirements for German citizens In addition, check out these articles. 114 Countries South Africans Can Travel To Without A Visa Check this article out 1/4Okay, so if you’re meeting me for the first time through this article, then let me invite you into what happened to me in a “nut” shell. If you want more nuts to see how nuts the story is, keep reading on… Whatever you do, please do not eat a nut like this . You can check out my videos on the link below and read the description to understand what’s happened or you can see it on my Instagram videos in more detail too. as=subscriber This is the description that I put below the videos: I started making these videos after I have received a letter from the UK government telling me to leave the UK. UK government only started recognising domestic violence without physical abuse in December 2018. I have been fighting my case with them since 2014. I have lived in 4 countries in the last 18 years and put over 250 000 euros, including pound value into these countries separate from lawyers’ fees, visa fees and application fees. UK policies/ laws/ home office have left me without a job on 3 occasions (roughly 6 months each time). I was spending my own money to live while they make a decision on my residency from the years 2012 – 2019 (3 separate applications). Had roughly 20 proposals to get married arranged and or for papers in total. I went with none. All my taxes are paid. Foreigners aren’t the takers, and this statement should stop being served to foreigners around the world. Not to say I wasn’t tempted guys when the going was tough, it was excruciating. I really was tempted to take one of those marriage offers, but this shows me today that I am the woman I always wanted to be even when I thought less of myself and you know what, I was saved. I am glad to say that I am absolutely blessed and grateful to have become a woman of integrity. Unfortunately, not all women can or had the opportunity to be able to do things the way I could maybe because it had to do with the making of me and for what I needed to deliver to the world for some reason. I heard and met people who had to give in, unfortunately. Some worked hard to turn it into the right reason, and others were not so lucky. If you are a woman reading this, please guide yourself to live life with more integrity. You will not regret it even though huge moments are testing you to betray your values. Do not give in. After a huge storm, there are huge rewards. Face your storm and sail right through it. T. Dench Patel, 12 July 2019, 21:072/4Okay, after all that chunk, I will still say that the journey of living all that even had some awesome moments. I wish during those times that the technology we have now existed then because I could not share anything at the moment with the people I loved/love. This is why travellers are so lucky today. They can keep the connection with their loved ones, even in real-time today. So, when putting my application in at the final moment to the UK Home Office, I said that’s it! My family and I sacrificed years, that’s enough money gone now and the dream I had of this life of me being stable overseas so I can see my family whenever I wanted and make up for lost time just had to end now after an 18-year struggle. Parents don’t get any younger, you know. In my application, I finally got the chance to say what I wanted to say for years that I held in when I was putting in applications in Spain, Switzerland, the United States of America, and again I meet with the UK head-on. I always wanted to say what you see on the title of this article. I finally got to say this roughly at the time of my final application. “The system forces you to get an arranged marriage, yet the western world frowns upon arranged marriages. How different is getting an arranged marriage to getting a sham marriage then? Paying a ridiculous sum of money didn’t even get a single independent woman anywhere, and that is over 18 years.” Whether you’re Mexican, Tunisian, South African, Indian, Columbian, British (yes, even British people want to live in Australia), American or from whatever country it’s tougher for some more than others depending on their nationality in the country they’re residing in. I have also noted in my application how the system places the power into the hands of the person who has full control over the application of the foreigner’s right to live in a country. Some people are lucky to fall in love and do it for all the right reasons, and I tell you what there are very few people like this compared to the majority who are subjected to domestic violence which comes with the whole application for residency thing. The system is designed to take power away from the person who needs the rights giving all control over the life of that person to the citizen of the country who is the one that signs off the documents for the person who lost their power “temporarily”. This is the beginning of domestic violence for a huge number of foreigners. This is no myth people; you are taking this information from a woman who has lived in 5 countries in total and have been seeing what happens to foreigners right from the time I saw Indian girls from India getting an arranged marriage to South African Indian boys. This is the reason why I got out of a relationship with domestic violence; I saw this from a young age. I saw how a woman is blackmailed with the system. I know what happens; 3/4unfortunately, when I got into a situation like that, I didn’t see domestic violence hitting me emotionally. It came to me like a thief in the night that it took a couple of years to figure out why things weren’t going as good for me as before. I was in a different state of mind. If you want to see more evidence to sustain this article and the points, take a look at the following links. Domestic violence: ‘Home Office must act to save lives’ See her why foreigners are the targets and why they won’t even see it coming because they’re so vulnerable. By the way, not everyone has the lucky escapes below. I did contact the UNHCR six months before I had to leave the UK, but they did nothing. T. Dench Patel4/4
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