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NAME : Nantaporn Satirapanya NATIONALITY : ThaiDATE OF BIRTH : 21 April 1997 SEX : FemaleCONTACT +66 866690864 Nantaporn Satirapanya…
NAME : Nantaporn Satirapanya NATIONALITY : ThaiDATE OF BIRTH : 21 April 1997 SEX : FemaleCONTACT +66 866690864 Nantaporn Satirapanya nantaporn.satirapanya@gmail.comHIGH SCHOOL : SWRSArt - Eng 2012 - 2015CHIANG MAI UNIVERSITYFaculty Of Economics 2015 - NOWFaculty Of Mass Communication (New Media) 2015 - NOWMARKETINGª¹ÐàÅÔÈ»ÃСǴἹ¡ÒõÅÒ´ áºÃ¹´ Quality KidsDigital MarketingSTRATEGY§Ò¹ Online Marketing ¢Í§à¾¨ Polka Dot Boardgame Cafe Í͡ẺãˌࢌҡѺ Boardgame â´Â´Ö§àÍÒ Concept à¡Á Unusual Suspect ÁÒ㪌Digital Marketing§Ò¹ Online Marketing ¢Í§à¾¨ Polka Dot Boardgame Cafe Í͡ẺãË໚¹¡ÒÃᨡºÍÏ´à¡Á à¾×èÍ¡Ãе؋Á¡ÒÃÁÕʋǹËÇÁ¢Í§¡ÅØ‹Á໇ÒËÁÒÂReal-time content㪌¡ÃÐáÊ㹡ÒÃâ»ÃâÁ·â»ÃâÁªÑ蹢ͧÌҹ Polka Dot Boardgame CafeReal-time content㪌 Real-time content à¾×èÍÊÌҧ¤ÇÒÁËÅÒ¡ËÅÒ¢ ͧà¹×éÍËÒ áÅСÃе،¹ã¹à¾¨ active µÅÍ´àÇÅÒª¹ÐàÅÔÈ»ÃСǴἹ¡ÒõÅÒ´ áºÃ¹´ Quality Kids Í͡Ẻ Real- time content ã¹ÃÙ»¢Í§ ¡ÒϵٹÊÒÁª‹Í§ â´Â´Ö§àÍÒ Character ¢Í§à¡Á áÅÐÃٻẺ¡ÒÃàÅ‹¹¢Í§à¡Á Sheriff of nottingham ÁÒ㪌DESIGNCharacter DesignÍ͡ẺµÑÇÁÒʤ͵¢Í§ÃŒÒ¹ Polka Dot Boardgame Cafe â´Â´Ö§àÍÒÅѡɳеÑÇÅФâͧºÍÏ´à¡ÁÁÒ㪌 à¾×èÍÊÌҧ¡Òè´¨ÓáÅÐàÍ¡Åѡɳ¢Í§ÃŒÒ¹CONTENT & GRAPHICS¢Íºà¢µ¡Ò÷ӧҹ : ÇԨѵÅÒ´ ÇÔà¤ÃÒÐˏµÅÒ´áÅСÅØ‹Á໇ÒËÁÒ Í͡Ẻà¹×éÍËÒ Ê×èÍ áÅÐá¼¹¡ÒõÅÒ´ ¼ÅÔµà¹×éÍËÒã¹·Ø¡ÃٻẺ ÊÃØ»¼ÅáÅÐÇÔà¤ÃÒÐˏ¼ÅµÍºÃѺ ËÒá¹Ç·Ó¡ÒþѲ¹ÒáÅСÒÃᡌ䢻˜ÞËÒã¹Í¹Ò¤µ1. ÇҧἹ Í͡Ẻ áÅмÅÔµà¹×éÍËÒãËŒ¡Ñºà¾¨ Polka Dot Boardgame Cafe ໚¹¡Ò÷ӧҹ¡ÑºÍ§¤¡ÃàÍ¡ª¹ â´Â¨ÐÁÕ¡ÒôÓà¹Ô¹§Ò¹·Ø¡¢Ñ鹵͹·Ñé§ÇԨѵÅÒ´ ÇÔà¤ÃÒˏ¡ÅØ‹Á໇ÒËÁÒ Í͡ẺἹ¡ÒõÅÒ´ áÅÐÇÒ§ÃٻẺâ¤Ã§ÊÌҧà¹×éÍËÒ ÃÇÁ件֧¡ÒüÅÔµÊ×èÍ à¾×è;Ѳ¹Òྨãˌ໚¹ä»µÒÁ໇ÒËÁÒ¢ͧÅÙ¡¤ŒÒ2. ÊÌҧáÅÐÍ͡Ẻà¹×éÍËÒྨ Morshout ËÁÇ´ MorArt«Öè§à»š¹à¹×éÍËÒà¡ÕèÂÇ¢ŒÍ§¡Ñº ÈÔŻР¹ÓàʹÍã¹ËÅÒ¡ËÅÒÂÃٻẺ áÅÐËÅÒ¡ËÅÒÂà¹×éÍËÒ·Ñé§ ÈÔÅ»¹ µÅÒ´ÍÒϵã¹àªÕ§ãËÁ‹ ໚¹µŒ¹ â´ÂÁÕ¡ÅØ‹Á໇ÒËÁÒÂ໚¹ ¹Ñ¡ÈÖ¡ÉÒÁËÒÇÔ·ÂÒÅÑÂàªÕ§ãËÁ3. ÊÌҧáÅÐÍ͡Ẻà¹×éÍËÒྨ Morshout ËÁÇ´ MorMou«Öè§à»š¹à¹×éÍËÒà¡ÕèÂÇ¢ŒÍ§¡Ñº ÊÔè§ÅÕéÅѺáÅÐàÃ×èͧ¼Õ â´ÂÁÕ¡ÅØ‹Á໇ÒËÁÒÂ໚¹ ¹Ñ¡ÈÖ¡ÉÒÁËÒÇÔ·ÂÒÅÑÂàªÕ§ãËÁ‹Polka Dot Boardgame CafeµÔ´µÒÁ¼Å§Ò¹à¾ÔèÁàµÔÁä´Œ·Õèྨ ‘ºÍÏ´à¡Áʏ àªÕ§ãËÁ‹ à¹×éÍËÒ㹪‹Ç§Çѹ·Õè 17 ¡Ñ¹ÂÒ¹-30 ¾ÄȨԡÒ¹ 2561Polka Dot Boardgame Cafe Polka Dot Boardgame CafePhotoset á¹Ð¹ÓºÍÏ´à¡Á Geister Treppe «Ö觪‹Ç§·Õèŧà¹×éÍËÒ໚¹ª‹Ç§ÇѹÎÒâÅÇÕ¹ ¨Ö§àÅ×Í¡à¡ÁãËŒà¡ÕèÂÇ¢ŒÍ§¡Ñºà·È¡ÒÅPolka Dot Boardgame CafePhotoset á¹Ð¹ÓºÍÏ´à¡Áà¡ÕèÂǡѺàÇ·Á¹µÃ «Ö觪‹Ç§·Õèŧà¹×éÍËÒ໚¹ª‹Ç§·Õè˹ѧàÃ×èͧ fantastic beasts 2 ¡ÓÅѧ໚¹¡ÃÐáÊ ¨Ö§àÅ×Í¡à¡ÁãËŒà¡ÕèÂǡѺàÇ·Á¹µÃ à¾×èÍ´Ö§¡ÃÐáÊPolka Dot Boardgame CafeInfographic ãËŒ¤ÇÒÁÃÙŒà¡ÕèÂǡѺºÍÏ´à¡Á ÊÌҧ¤ÇÒÁËÅÒ¡ËÅÒÂÁÒ¡¡Ç‹Ò¡ÒÃá¹Ð¹Óà¡Á·ÑèÇä»Polka Dot Boardgame CafePolka Dot Boardgame CafeMorshout ËÁÇ´ MorArt áÅÐ MorMouµÔ´µÒÁ¼Å§Ò¹à¾ÔèÁàµÔÁä´Œ·Õèྨ MorShoutMorshout ËÁÇ´ MorArtÊÁÒªÔ¡ÀÒÂ㹡ÅØ‹Á¹Óàʹͧҹ ʵÃÕ·ÍÒϵ㹠àªÕ§ãËÁ‹Morshout ËÁÇ´ MorArtPhotoset á¹Ð¹ÓµÅÒ´¢Ò¢ͧ§Ò¹½‚Á×Í·Õèª×èÍÇ‹Ò ‘¡Ò´ÍÒϵ’ à¹×èͧ¨Ò¡ª‹Ç§·Õèŧà¹×éÍËÒ à»š¹ª‹Ç§·ÕèµÅÒ´¾Öè§à»´ãËÁ‹ ÂѧäÁ‹ÁÕྨ㹷Óà¹×éÍËÒàÃ×èͧ¹ÕéMorshout ËÁÇ´ MorArtPhotoset ÃÕÇÔÇÀÒ¾ºÃÃÂÒ¡ÒÈÀÒÂ㹧ҹ ‘ÊÒ¹ÈÔÅ»Š’ à¹×èͧ¨Ò¡à»š¹àÃ×èͧ·ÕèÇÑÂÃØ‹¹ã¹àªÕ§ãËÁ‹ ãËŒ¤ÇÒÁʹ㨠áÅÐÁÕྨ¼ÅÔµà¹×éÍËÒàÃ×èͧ¹Õ鹌ÍÂMorshout ËÁÇ´ MorArtVideo áÅÐ Photoset ÃÕÇÔǵÅÒ´§Ò¹½‚Á×Í ·Õèª×èÍÇ‹Ò ‘Crafts Week’ «Öè§à»š¹§Ò¹·ÕèäÁ‹¤‹ÍÂÁÕ¤¹ ÃÙŒ¨Ñ¡ ·ÓãËŒäÁ‹¤‹ÍÂÁÕྨ ·Óà¹×éÍËÒàÃ×èͧ¹ÕéMorshout ËÁÇ´ MorArtVideo Ê͹·Óà¤ÊÁ×Ͷ×ÍẺ D.I.Y â´Â㪌¡ÃÐáʢͧ˹ѧàÃ×èͧ ‘ºØ¾à¾Êѹ¹ÔÇÒÊ’ ´Ö§´Ù´¤ÇÒÁʹ㨢ͧ¡ÅØ‹Á໇ÒËÁÒÂMorshout ËÁÇ´ MorArtMorshout ËÁÇ´ MorMou ÊÁÒªÔ¡ÀÒÂ㹡ÅØ‹ÁµÑÇÍ‹ҧ¼Å§Ò¹ANALYTICS ÇÔà¤ÃÒÐˏ ÊÃØ»¼Å¡ÒôÓà¹Ô¹§Ò¹ â´Â㪌 Facebook Analytics áÅлÃÐàÁÔ¹á¹Ç·Ò§ã¹¡ÒûÃѧ»Ãا à¾×è;Ѳ¹Òྨµ‹Íä»ã¹Í¹Ò¤µCERTIFICATIONS ÊÓàÃç¨ËÅÑ¡ÊÙµÃͺÃÁ Illustrator áÅÐ Photoshop ¢Í§ NET
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