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H ROBOTICS FOUNDER DR. PIPPA MALMGREN ON DRONES IN MININGF E B R U A R Y 2 0 19www.miningglobal.comA TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY CEO Brett Richards on redefining Africa’s premier gold mining companyTOP 10Operational excellence through digital transformationRISKS TO LOOK OUT FOR IN 2019IF YOU LIKE US EDITOR IN CHIEFDan Brightmore.. . . . . . . . . . . . MANAGING EDITORS, FOLLOW US!!Visit the website and sign up to receive exclusive access to one of the world’s fastest growing business news platforms.Andrew Woods. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Olivia Minnock. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CREATIVE DIRECTORDaniel Crawford. . . . . . . . . . . . CREATIVE TEAMFrazer Jones.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lucie Miller. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hollie Crofts–Morris.. . . . . Erin Hancox.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Alicia Lolotte. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PRODUCTION DIRECTORGeorgia Allen. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PRODUCTION EXECUTIVEDaniela Kianickova. . . . . . DIGITAL VIDEO DIRECTOR04CLICK NOW TO SUBSCRIBE FOR FREEJosh Trett. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DIGITAL VIDEO PRODUCEREmily Amos.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGERWilliam Phillips. . . . . . . . . . . . . SOCIAL MEDIA EXECUTIVECallum Rivett. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PROJECT DIRECTORSRichard Deane.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . OPERATIONS DIRECTORAlex Barron. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . GROUP MANAGING DIRECTORJames Pepper. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PRESS PLAY! WHEN YOU SEE THE PLAY BUTTON ICON, CLICK TO WATCH OUR VIDEO CONTENTCHIEF OPERATIONS OFFICERAndy Turner.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PRESIDENT & CEOGlen White. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PUBLISHED BYGet Connected! Wherever you see these icons in the magazine click to be directly connected via social mediaClick the home icon (when visible at top right of page) to return to contentsWELCOMEWelcome to the February issue of Mining Global magazine!In our first issue of 2019 we profile Banro Corporation and its efforts to rehabilitate its fortunes by redefining operations on a quest to once more take its place among Africa’s premier gold mining companies. We also hear from Infinity Lithium and learn how the Australian junior is poised to ride the wave of ‘white gold’. As the EV revolution takes hold it aims to contribute towards the battery metals supply chain in Europe with its Spain-based San Jose Project. With the mining sector gearing up to meet the challenge of Industry 4.0 we spoke with H Robotics Founder Dr Pippa Malmgren. Her mantra? ‘Tools not toys’. We learn how HiSight - a ‘modular, robotic meta-platform in the sky’ - is more than just a droneand can empower the mining industry in its push for digital transformation. Allied to this theme, we hear from mine planning and optimisation expert Dr Kash Sirinanda. He argues that for mining to successfully evolve over the next decade it will involve transforming the industry into a network of best-inclass, sustainable, advanced digital competency companies. With the sector navigating this evolution, and the challenges of an upswing, Mining Global analyses the annual EY report highlighting the 10 biggest risks to the mining and metals industry for 2019. Enjoy the issue!Daniel Brightmore Editor daniel.brightmore@bizclikmedia.comw w w. m i n i n g g l o b a l . c o m05CONTENTSA journey of transformation through rehabilitation12TOOLS NOT TOYS:How H Robotics’ is disrupting the mining sector with its aerial drone HiSight304472TO INFINITY AND BEYOND?Top 10 risks to the Mining industry60 88 EventsTHE NEW DAWN OF MININGCONTENTS96 SSR Mining114 Swedish Mining Automation GroupCovering every angle in the digital age The Business Chief platforms offer insight on the trends influencing C and V-level executives, telling the stories that matterCLICK TO SUBSCRIBE FOR FREEw w w.bu si nessch ief.com12FEBRUARY 2019CANADAA journey of transformation through rehabilitation WRIT TEN BYDA LE BENTON 13PRODUCED BYRICHARD DE ANEw w w.mi ni nggl o b a l. comB A N R O C O R P O R AT I O NBrett Richards, Chairman and CEO of Banro Corporation, talks through the challenge of re-establishing the company as a leader following bankruptcy and distressFor more than 20 years, Banro Corporation Limited had established a firm foothold as one of Africa’s premier gold miningcompanies. Situated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Banro has the largest African land 14package for an operating gold mining company and has the only large-scale industrialised mining operation in South Kivu and Maniema. With more than 8Moz of Global Resources in the DRC it was once the largest gold mining company in the country from 2006 to 2014. Alongside its two operating mines and a number of mining licences, Banro also has 17 additional exploration licences and a number of early stage exploration projects. Banro’s story seemed to go from success to success, but in 2017 the company suffered from a combination of security and community issues and went into financial distress. By November FEBRUARY 2019CANADA15w w w.mi ni nggl o b a l. comENGEN FOR A HARDWORKING INDWe understand that the African mining conditions can be harsh. Our range of lubricants are tested under ext ensuring that your equipment runs smoother, for longer. Our distribution network accross the continent ensu services are always on hand.OUR CORE BUSINESSEngen DRC is a subsidiary company of Engen Petroleum Limited, an Africa company focusing on the refining of crude oil, marketing of primary refined products and the provision of convenience services via an extensive retaiPRODUCTS AND SERVICES • Fuels: Petrol; Diesel; Kerosene • Special Products including environmentally friendly degreaser • Aviation: Jet A-1 • Fuel oil and Bitumen • High quality lubricants: Automotive; Hydraulic; Industrial• Fleet Management: One Card • Mining Solutions for Storage, Fuel Management, Waste Oil and LubriDIRECT CONTACT Charles Nikobasa Managing Director T +243 81 700 55 00 M +243 81 276 75 07 E charles.nikobasa@engen.cdMarie-Claire Mubanga Commercial Manager T +243 81 700 55 90 M +243 99 99 32 230 E marie-claire.mubanga@engen.cdDUSTRYtreme conditions, ures that our products anda-based energy d petroleum il network.l icants.Engen is a member of the PETRONAS groupABOUT ENGEN IN THE DRC The Engen brand is in the DRC from 2007. ENGEN DRC is Number 1 among the majors and owns 65 service stations through the country.CORPORATE SOCIAL INVESTMENT • Financing education for underprivileged students in many schools • Platinum Member in the Health Smile project. • Sponsorship to the Center of Excellence of Banro Mining Twangiza and Namoya• Medical and sport sponsorshipWith us you are Number OneB A N R O C O R P O R AT I O N182017, it had gone through a CCAABrett Richards, Chairman and Chief(Canada) Bankruptcy proceeding.Executive Officer, is best placed toFast forward to early 2018 and thespearhead this transformation emerged from its bankruptcy“I’ve worked in Africa for the past eightprocess with a financial restructuring andyears or so with private equity firmsBanro embarked on a major rehabilitationlooking at the rehabilitation of assetsproject to re-establish the company asto deliver value. Banro had and still hasa premier central Africa gold mininga number of operating challenges andcompany. Having worked in the globalhas been under capitalised due to themining industry for over 20 years, withbankruptcy,” he says. “It’s also one ofsignificant roles at Kinross Gold andthe toughest jurisdictions in the worlda founding member of Katanga Mining,and so I’ve had to draw upon all of myFEBRUARY 2019CANADA19skills, whether it’s geopolitical or socio-of legacy deficiencies in order to takeeconomic, to overcome the challengesthe necessary steps in order to stabilisethat we are facing.”the business. When Richards enteredBanro’s transformation is one of twothe business, Banro was faced withparts. First, Richards and the companyfresh security challenges that he believeswill look to recapitalise the company over“paralysed” the business temporarily.the next year in order to reposition theStep one of the journey was to re-estab-company to where its history and landlish community relationships. “It’s ourpackage should place its cost structureobligation as a company to provide a safeand operating environment amongst itsworkplace for our people and a safepeers. This first phase of rehabilitationworkplace for our whole communityis one of trying to understand a numberto live in,” he says. “That’s achieved w w w.mi ni nggl o b a l. comGBE DRC, sarl.Catering to the DRC's fuel needs since 2006General Business Entreprises (GBE) is a Congolese owned company. Since 2006, we have been supplying petroleum products (Diesel, Gasoline, Jet A1 & LPG); as well as lubricants and greases for vehicles and heavy machinery to clients throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo. Through our fuel supply channel, the oil & gas products supplied by GBE are directly sourced from the Arab Gulf through the Tanzanian Bulk Procurement System. GBE strives to insure its operations are fully compliant with HSSEQ regulations and with the local laws of countries in which we operate. Our commitment to customer satisfaction coupled with the high quality of our service delivery has allowed us to become one of the leading suppliers in the DRC. Through our sister company “GBE Logisticsâ€?, we have invested in transport logistics by acquiring robust trucks in order to support fuel delivery to BANRO/Namoya Mining SA. Our clients include Locals, NGOs as well as international companies such as BANRO Corporation.Our commitment to customer satisfaction coupled with the high quality of our service delivery has allowed us to become one of the leading suppliers in the DRC.Contact us: E. www.gbe.cdPhone: +243 81 788 8031 | +243 81 313 2043 Office: 56, Blvd Kanyamuhanga, Goma-NKCANADAthrough a security discipline whereby you have to proactively engage with the communities and the local authorities and government to mitigate those potential situations.” “Communication in our Namoya and Twangiza regions, all the way down to the traditional leaders, to the various key people in the provinces and communities, all the way up to our security partners, is vital to establishing the platform of a safe environment.” Richards points to a breakdown in trust in the run up to the bankruptcy and as“It’s our obligation as a company to provide a safe workplace for our people and a safe workplace for our whole community to live in” — Brett Richards, Chairman and CEO of Banro Corporationthe company began to wind down, the communities could no longer see the benefit of having Banro operating in the area again. “We had to go right back to the basics to rebuild all of that,” he says. “I think we’ve really done a fantastic job on achieving that.” The results speak for themselves. Banro has now established a platform that engages all parts of the stakeholder ecosystem that considers safety, security and community engagement perspectives in order to operate successfully and regrow the company in the right direction. These “boilerplate” problems have now been addressed w w w.mi ni nggl o b a l. com21B A N R O C O R P O R AT I O Nand allow the company to look a little deeper at the financial and technical deficiencies that also played a key role in the bankruptcy. Richards says that now the company has identified what it’s going to take to rehabilitate the company, the task is now to execute on the various technical and operational challenges the company needs to make it competitive again. “I think the victories we’ve had over the last year addressed those challenges and now we have given ourselves the platform to be successful. We’ve identified the pathway to success,” he says. “Now it’s time to act and 22find the capital to move forward and start the next stage of this journey.” The next stage is the size and scale of the opportunity Banro has at its disposal through its large land package. The long-term plan is to grow the company beyond its two operating mines and key to unlocking this is through attracting investors. With all that Banro has gone through, the level of risk associated with investing in the company is understandably high, but Richards believes that the successes it has achieved to date have already begun to change that conversation. “It says FEBRUARY 2019CANADA23to them that Banro have done it and they’ve been successful in doing it while operating in the most challenging jurisdiction in the most challenging country,” he says. “But it’s not just those challenges. The investment appetite will come from the size and scale of what Banro has in the ground. It’s not just what we have now, it’s what we have over the next five years with our exploration package and our goals. The potential we have in Africa is second to none.” As a company that’s been operating successfully for more than 20 years, Banro has amassed a strong portfolio of suppliers w w w.mi ni nggl o b a l. comB A N R O C O R P O R AT I O N24“I think the victories we’ve had over the last year represent those challenges and now we have given ourselves the platform to be successful. We’ve identified the pathway to success” — Brett Richards, Chairman and CEO of Banro CorporationFEBRUARY 2019CANADA25w w w.mi ni nggl o b a l. comLOGISTICS. SIMPLIFIED. ROAD FREIGHTMATERIAL HANDLING & EQUIPMENT RENTALCLEARING & FORWARDINGWAREHOUSING & MATERIAL MANAGEMENTOUR VISIONOUR MISSIONTo be known as the company that makes Africa work better.To enable our customers to work betterCORE VALUESVIST OUR WEBSITECustomer Focus | Continual Improvement | Humility | Safety | HonestyCONTACT USA WORLDWIDE LEADER IN PROCUREMENT SOLUTIONS With more than fifteen years experience in Africa, as well as having an excellent relationship with local and international suppliers, Total Mining will deliver the correct equipment and supplies safely and within the correct time frame to site, allowing our customers peace of mind and to concentrate on their core business. Whether it’s mining, processing, building exploration equipment or related parts, Total Mining meets clients needs according to their operational requirements.24 Buwbes Street, Sebenza, Edenvale, Johannesburg• • • • • • • • • • •Processing Drilling Engineering Construction Earthmoving Crockery Linen Electrical Ironmongery Lifting PPe• • • • •Instrumentation Filtration Security Building Catering Equipment • Tooling Equipment • School Supplies • Office EquipmentVISIT OUR SITE• Automotive Spares • General Consumables • Timber • Tools • Roof Sheeting • Lab • Laundry • General ConsumablesCONTACT USCANADAand partners that have been integral to establishing its position on the mining map. When the company hit financial distress, these suppliers could have been forgiving for parting ways and protecting their own investments, but Banro has been blessed with extremely loyal partners that continue to support the business through thick and thin. “They know it’s difficult but one thing that I said when I came in was, ‘we are going to pay you, we are not going to run away from our obligations; we will27work this out and establish a plan to move forward together’,” says Richards. “I can’t speak highly enough about the fact that Banro is still operating today is probably because of our suppliers, and because they allowed us the liberty to work through some challenging times at their expense. I understand that, and I get it and I appreciate it, and I tell them that every chance I get.” One such partner has been Engen, one of Africa’s leading petroleum oil providers and Banro’s primary fuel supplier since the company was founded. Richards believes that Engen, as withw w w.mi ni nggl o b a l. comB A N R O C O R P O R AT I O N28FEBRUARY 2019CANADA“I can’t speak highly enough about the fact that Banro is still operating today is probably because of our suppliers, and because they allowed us the liberty to work through some challenging times at their expense” — Brett Richards, Chairman and CEO of Banro Corporation 29all of the company’s suppliers, haveand stakeholder engagement. Thecontinuously worked with Banro to makefuture is bright for Banro and thethe “elasticity in the business work”.company has identified key targets“They have been stalwarts in workingover the next two years that will firmlywith us,” he says. “It’s a testament toreposition it as the premier Africantheir values. They are in this with Banrogold mining a partner and they’re in with us for the long run.” As Banro looks to the future, it can do so through a sound commitment to getting the basics right from operational level right through the management w w w.mi ni nggl o b a l. comINDUSTRY 4.030TOOLS NOT TOYS:How H Robotics is disrupting the mining sector with its aerial drone HiSight FEBRUARY 201931M IN ING G LOBAL SPOKE WITH H ROBOTIC S FO U N DER DR PIPPA MALM G REN TO H E AR HOW H ISIG HT — A ‘ MOD U L AR, ROBOTIC M ETA-PL ATFORM IN TH E SK Y ’ — IS MORE THAN J UST A DRON E. IT CAN EM POWER TH E M IN ING IN D USTRY IN ITS PUSH FOR DIG ITAL TR AN SFORMATION WRITTEN BYDAN BRIGHT MOREw w w.mi ni nggl o b a l. comINDUSTRY 4.0HRobotics manufactures HiSight an ‘aerial robotic tool’, otherwise known as a drone. It has the potentialto be used for many tasks and purposes on mining sites. However, most drones employed across sectors today are fundamentally souped-up toys originally designed for a retail consumer - very few are actually designed for industrial paths. With the deployment of bespoke drones in mining very much in its infancy, H Robotics Founder, Dr Pippa Malmgren, maintains that comparing HiSight to most32drones on the market is like comparing a go-kart to a Land Rover: “We make an industrial tool - it’s rugged, easy to fly, durable in extreme weather conditions, and, at this stage, the only industrial drone in the world that lands and takes off from water - vital at oil, gas and mining sites.” Malmgren explains HiSight is an open platform in the sky that can store data collected securely in the H Robotics FlightCloud: “You can attach devices such as sensors and cameras to HiSight in a stable position to fly over your assets. But most drones don’t work that way, everything’s embedded inside, so you have to work with what they give you.” FEBRUARY 2019“ WE MAKE AN IN D USTRIAL TOOL — IT’S RU GG ED, E ASY TO FLY, D U R AB LE IN E X TREM E WE ATH ER CON DITION S, AN D, AT TH IS STAG E, TH E ON LY IN D USTRIAL DRON E IN TH E WORLD THAT L AN DS AN D TAKES OFF FROM WATER — VITAL AT OIL, GAS AN D M IN ING SITES” — Dr Pippa Malmgren, Founder, H Robotics 33HiSight is fitted with industrial gradeon production targets rather than relyinglights and a transducer which emitson less accurate quarterly manuala high pitch alert which can even aidmeasurements. Malmgren notes mostsecurity on mining sites prone to theftmines across the globe use variousduring downtime. “It’s like havingtoxic fluids to blast through rock whicha scarecrow in the sky,” she jokes.end up in a tailings dam. This needs toHiSight can also be deployed tobe monitored in order to prevent it fromprovide precise volume metric analysisoverflowing which would cause environ-of aggregate, vital for accurate valua-mental damage. “To measure this at thetions of mining sites. An African miningAfrican mine, they would often sendclient of H Robotics has utilised thisout a boat with sonar onto the lake ofsystem, describing it as a “game-chang-toxic runoff,” says Malmgren. But wither” enabling them to keep a closer eyethe threat of hull erosion and attack by w w w.mi ni nggl o b a l. comINDUSTRY 4.0crocodiles capable of
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