Introducing AWS AppSync: serverless data driven apps with real-time and offline capabilities

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1. © 2019, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Introducing AWS AppSync: Serverless data driven apps with real-time and offline capabilities…
  • 1. © 2019, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Introducing AWS AppSync: Serverless data driven apps with real-time and offline capabilities Stefano Sandrini AWS Senior Solutions Architect
  • 2. Traditional Data Fetching Data ü Trivial to set up ü Standard HTTP Calls x Relationships x Lists with reduced information x Query support x Ordering and pagination x Notifications /posts /postInfo /postJustTitle /postsByAuthor /postNameStartsX /postByTag /commentsOnPost REST Endpoints
  • 3. Is There A Better Way ?
  • 4. GraphQL
  • 5. What Is GraphQL? Agnostic of underlying Data Store Optimized for network performance and flexibility Query language for your API and a runtime for fulfilling queries with existing data
  • 6. How does GraphQL work? type Query { getTodos: [Todo] } type Todo { id: ID! name: String description: String priority: Int duedate: String } Model data with application schema query { getTodos { id name priority } } Client requests what it needs { "id": "1", "name": "Get Milk", "priority": "1" }, { "id": "2", "name": "Go to gym", "priority": "5" },… Only that data is returned
  • 7. GraphQL Operations query { search(q: “harry potter”) { title } } Queries Read data mutation { create(title: “new book”) { id } } Mutations Write data subscription { onCreate { id title } } Subscriptions Listen for data
  • 8. GraphQL vs REST /posts /comments /authors REST API posts comments authors GraphQL API
  • 9. GraphQL vs REST Include vs Endpoint & Reduction in call Volumes /posts?include=title,authors /posts?include=title,authors,authors.firstname, authors.lastname posts { title authors { firstname lastname } } { ... “author”:{ “_links”: { “self”: } } ... } REST/RPC GraphQL Hypermedia
  • 10. GraphQL vs REST /graphql posts { title author } Posts (maxSize: 10) { title authorName content } posts { title authorName content } Posts (maxSize: 10) { title author { firstName lastName imageUrl } content } Posts (maxSize: 10) { title author { firstName lastName imageUrl(size:80) } content comments{ user text } }
  • 11. What is AWS AppSync? Managed Serverless GraphQL service Connect to data sources in your account Add data sync, real-time and offline capabilities GraphQL façade for any AWS service Conflict detection and resolution in the cloud Enterprise security features (IAM, Cognito, API keys)
  • 12. Why GraphQL with AppSync? Data Aggregation Bandwidth Optimization Rapid Prototyping Easily evolve APIs Client-defined Data Selection
  • 13. Apps you can build with AppSync Real Time Apps Dashboard Leaderboards Field Service Apps Geo Apps Apps with complex data structure and types Chat Apps
  • 14. AWS AppSync Data Sources
  • 15. AWS AppSync Resolvers
  • 16. AWS AppSync Request Resolvers
  • 17. AWS AppSync Authorization Rules type Post @model @auth( rules: [ {allow: owner, ownerField: "owner", mutations: [create, update, delete], queries: [get, list]}, ]) { id: ID! title: String! content: String! rating: Int owner: String } type Post @model @auth( rules: [ {allow: groups, groupsField: "groups"} ]) { id: ID! title: String! groups: String } get: If the record’s owner is not the same as the logged in user (via $ctx.identity.username), throw $util.unauthorized() get: In the response mapping template verify that the result’s groups attribute contains at least one of the caller’s claimed groups via $"cognito:groups")
  • 18. AWS AppSync Real-time data GraphQL subscriptions enable real-time communication AWS AppSync doubles as a pub-sub broker via MQTT over WebSockets type Mutation { publish: Message } type Subscription { subscribe: Message @aws_subscribe(mutations: [“publish”]) }
  • 19. Jane Version : 2 Updated Document Jane Version : 2 Updated Document Version : 3 Updated Document Version : 1 New Document Time John John Jane goes offline Jane comes back online Version : 4 Updated Document John Jane AWS AppSync Offline mutuation
  • 20. Conflict resolution in the cloud 1. Server wins 2. Silent reject 3. Custom logic (AWS Lambda) - Optimistic version check - Extend with your own checks Optional • Client callback for Conflict Resolution is still available as a fallback { "version" : "2017-02-28", "operation" : "PutItem", "key" : { "id" : { "S" : "1" } }, "condition" : { "expression" : "attribute_not_exists(id)" } } Example: Check that an ID doesn’t already exist: "condition" : { "expression" : "someExpression" "conditionalCheckFailedHandler" : { "strategy" : "Custom", "lambdaArn" : "arn:..." } } Run Lambda if version wrong: AWS AppSync Conflict Resolution and sync
  • 21. AWS AppSync Real-time demo
  • 22. Thank you! © 2019, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Stefano Sandrini
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