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11 September 2019 | ISSUE 15Quick Links Contents From the Principal Primary School Secondary School T: 07 5477 3444 | E: |…
11 September 2019 | ISSUE 15Quick Links Contents From the Principal Primary School Secondary School T: 07 5477 3444 | E: | ï‚‚/ImmanuelLutheranCollegeCONTENTS5 5 6 8 9 9 10 11 13 14 15 Chaplaincy Chat College Counsellor Primary School Secondary School The 2020 Vic Walker Memorial Scholarship (VWMS) ECO Club Secondary School Sport Co-curricular Music Twilight Concert Commercial Operations Share the Dignity – “It’s in the Bag”From the Principal Dear Parents and Friends Welcome to Week 9 and the second last week of term already!Sunshine Coast Fires The Peregian and Noosa communities remain in our thoughts and prayers. The impact of this event is quite devastating. It certainly reinforces the need for good procedures to be in place. Thankfully, the College has comprehensive evacuation and emergency procedures in place should there be an incident at ILC. I remind parents that the ILC Intermediate Girls Touch Team grand final game against Glasshouse Christian College is occurring at 4.15pm today at Glasshouse Mountains playing fields.Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Test Over two days last week, our Year 12 students completed 14 hours of rigorous testing for the last time ever in Queensland, as we transition to the ATAR system next year. These students have been well prepared over the last 12 months with practice exams, study tutorials and full-day workshops aimed at familiarising students with the unique style of questions that the QCS can bring. The test consisted of four papers: a writing task, two multiple-choice papers and a short response test. The results of the QCS Tests are used in tandem with individual subject results, through a complex system of scaling techniques, to arrive at an OP (Overall Position) Score. While the ‘OP’ is seen by (too) many as the measure of a student’s Year 12 outcome, it is purely a tool for assisting with the process of being offered tertiary entrance. Of greater importance is the consistent encouragement for students to do their best in all things, at all times. One’s worth, or application cannot simply be commuted to a one or two-digit number. 2That said, with the QCS Tests now out of the way, Year 12 students are encouraged to continue applying themselves during this challenging period of their final eight weeks of schooling.2020 Secondary School Student Leadership Team Last week, the 2020 Secondary School student leadership team was announced. We congratulate: College Captains Adrienne Halpin and Hayden Morris College Vice-Captains Social Justice Portfolio Abigail Kadel and Britta Madsen Cultural Portfolio Piper Hertslet and Joshua Linnett Sport Portfolio Jessica Ling and Nathan Ebb House Captains Fraser Leah Dunn and Jocelyn Lindsay Moreton Khaya Pesek-Ramsey and Yule Avelino Bribie Roxy Collins and Abby White Stradbroke William Lapsley and Jerry Fu Please pray for these students as they prepare for these critical roles of service. The Primary School student leaders will be announced in November.Grand Finals Last Saturday, I had the privilege of watching a number of ILC sporting teams in grand final action. Congratulations to two ILC netball teams – ILC Immortals and ILC Icons, which both won their grand final games, and also to ILC Vipers which won their soccer grand final. I thank the parents and coaches of all of our sports teams, and send congratulations on a brilliant end to the season to the Immortals, Icons and Vipers! 3Food for Families A significant number of families in our immediate and broader communities have benefited from the provision of meals prepared by members of our P&F and distributed through the College Chaplains. Food for Families is a wonderful initiative of the P&F Community – a legitimate act of benevolent service to the community. Meals are distributed to families who have chronic or short-term needs, perhaps as a result of injury, illness or hardship. Through the Chaplains, a home visit, prayer and/or the provision of some nutritious meals often provides the “leg up” required in tough times. Our P&F members have huge servant heart’s and are preparing to refill our freezers on Saturday 14 September. After that date, should you know of someone in need of support in this way, please call the College and speak to Gayla Mathews.World Gratitude Day “Whatever our individual troubles and challenges may be, it’s important to pause every now and then to appreciate all that we have, on every level.” — Shakti Gawainis about choice. You can choose to have your social media forum to be a voice of positivity. Start today. Compliment others, share links for local businesses that go the extra mile, post pictures of the beauty of nature and make a choice to send out a positive ripple. Be Thankful for Your Community What if you made it a point to say a heartfelt thank you every time someone made a difference in your community? Give thanks to the volunteers and countless people who give of themselves with no expectation of recognition or thanks. Practice Internal Gratitude Give Yourself a Little Love: Let yourself look at your life with understanding and loving eyes. Give thanks for each breath, each heartbeat. Give Your Life a Gratitude Makeover The biggest way for you to celebrate World Gratitude Day? Recognise that you don’t have to wait another 364 days to celebrate it again. Make this a daily practice in your life. Begin and end each day with a deep cleansing breath and a prayer of thanks for life itself...make it a grateful day...End of Term Worship As always, we celebrate the term with Worship in the A. J. Jericho Stadium from 2.00pm on Friday 20 September. Parents are most welcome to join us. Every blessing to our families over the coming break. The administration and business offices will be open from 8.00am to 4.00pm during the holidays. A reminder that the changeover to summer uniform will come into effect from the commencement of Term Four. I remind parents that Monday 21 October is a studentfree day for Verification.Monday 21 September is World Gratitude Day. First celebrated in 1965, it was later officially adopted by the United Nations Meditation Group and is recognised each year as a day to show appreciation for all things, big and small. Living a grateful life is like any other habit. It takes time to cultivate positive actions and attitudes into our daily lives.Finally, we pray for a refreshing and safe break for all, in readiness to ‘hit the ground running’ on Tuesday 8 October, as Monday 7 October is the Queen’s Birthday public holiday. Colin Minke PrincipalHere are five suggestions to make World Gratitude Day count. Take a Moment to Appreciate Your Family Tree Family... take a moment to pause and give thanks to your family members for all the good they bring into your life. Tell your siblings how much you appreciate the support they give you, tell your spouse how it feels to be connected and loved. Tell your kids how proud you are of them. Give the dog an extra treat and say thank you for the lessons of unconditional love that only an animal can give.Coffee & Connect Principal Colin Minke and the Primary and Secondary School Heads extend an open invitation to all parents to join them for coffee (or tea!) on Tuesday 17 September from 8.30am in the Environmental Centre. The theme of the morning is Strategic Direction – The Next Five Years.Appreciate the Positives of Being Connected Social media has been a point of discussion as we evolve as a planet and learn how to treat and communicate with each other online. We often see the negatives; but just like anything in life, it 4Chaplaincy Chat Take a Load Off Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2 On my morning walk recently, while mulling over some sadness I was carrying, I met a Lycra-clad man bearing a bicycle on his shoulder. As I walked towards him, empathy bubbled in me. “Something must have gone wrong,” I thought. Yet remarkably, as we drew near to one another he greeted me with a cheery, “Good morning.” I replied, “It looks like it hasn’t been a great start for you,” and in that moment we made eye-contact. With an appreciative smile, he agreed, then continued on his way.Lost Property Items at Student Services All un-named lost property is placed in a cupboard at Student Services. At the end of the term, this cupboard is emptied and items are given to appropriate establishments. Please come in and check if any of these items belong to you. Also, a reminder to ensure all items, especially drink bottles are named. Thank you. In lost property at the moment: Jumpers: x 7 Dress: x 1 Jacket: x 11The interaction took only a moment, but we had exchanged hearts. He had shared his positive attitude with me; and I, my understanding with him. I don’t know whether his bike felt physically lighter as he continued on his journey, but I know that my burdens had been lifted. At the end of this busy term it is not uncommon to feel tired and burdened, but as we look out for one another our loads can be lightened. So, my prayer for us all as we head into the holidays is to, “Take a load off” in every sense of the phrase. Go deep in God’s love. Gayla Mathews – ChaplainCollege Counsellor This week we have been celebrating R U OK? Day around the College. R U OK? Day encourages us to take the time to check in with those around us. Connecting with family, friends and peers regularly and meaningfully is one thing everyone can do to make a difference for someone else who may be struggling. In the time it takes to have a cuppa, you could start a conversation that could change a life. For further information and conversation starters visit Tarnya Mitchell College CounsellorLinda Cornell – Student Services T: 5477 3488 5Primary School It is at this time of the term we often take the opportunity to reflect upon the wonderful events and hard work that has occurred during the past nine weeks ranging from athletics, camps, ICAS, Tournament of Minds, visits to Immanuel Gardens, our Waseda Japanese exchange and speech competitions – it has been amazing culturally, spiritually and academically. I am truly proud of each and every student in the Primary School for the focus on continuous improvement they have demonstrated. In staffing news, thank you to Mrs Lexeen Lindsay for her work in Primary Music this term and we look forward to welcoming back Mrs Marika Doman from long service leave at the start of next term.Vacation Care Places in the exciting September Vacation Care program offered at Immanuel are filling fast! Please contact Service Leader Ms Tamara Scutts E: should you wish to make a booking for the holidays. The College will participate in a state-wide Pupil Free Day on Monday 21 October. OSHC is available on that day should families require use of this service.Years 1 to 6 2020 Class Placements We will soon begin the complex process of allocating students to their 2020 classes. Many factors are taken into account when considering each child’s placement. These include student learning needs, gender balance, class target size and friendship groups. Teachers have considerable input into this process and will make suggestions related to the various needs of the children in their current classes. Each child will have an opportunity to list a small number of friends with whom they believe they can work positively. We guarantee that each child will be with at least one of the children on their shortlist, but not necessarily their first choice. Primary School staff will use this information in combination with the previously mentioned factors to place children into classes for next year. Draft lists will be rechecked by the teaching staff alongside Jodie Hayat, Greg Forrest and myself to ensure that each student is placed in the best situation to meet their educational needs. Should parents wish to submit specific written information regarding their child’s particular needs, please ensure this reaches me by 4.00pm Friday 20 September via E: I ask that your request relates only to your child’s needs and not to the naming of specific teachers. Please do not pass verbal requests to is not possible to balance many requests for one child when considering all the other children in a year level. For this reason, I ask that you limit your request to a single specific issue. In addition, given that there are many factors to be considered when placing students, it may not be possible to accommodate all parent requests. Please understand that it is not necessary for parents to write to me, and in fact, most parents do not. Parents will be advised of 2020 class placements prior to our Orientation Morning at the end of Term Four.Hats and Uniform A reminder that hats are to be worn at all play times and to and from school each day. Students are required to present a note (or an email from their parent) requesting a uniform exemption should they be unable to wear a College uniform item for any reason. A reminder that students are not permitted to wear skins (sport apparel) at school, including under swimming attire in Term Four. In addition, it has been drawn to the attention of College staff about the number of uniform items that have gone missing this term. As we ask for all items to be clearly named, if your child accidentally brings home an item belonging to another child, could it please be returned as soon as possible to avoid inconvenience.Primary Schools Netball Cup Best wishes to the two Immanuel Lutheran College teams competing at the Primary Schools Netball Cup in Maroochydore this weekend. Particular thanks to Roxanne Osborne and Linda Cornell for their organisation and guidance for the girls from training through to the competition. We look forward to hearing of your success.Visual Art – Parent Teacher Interviews Mr Peter Evans is available for Parent Teacher Interviews for those students in Prep, Year 1, Year 5 and Year 6. Should you wish to meet with Mr Evans to discuss your child’s progress, please contact him directly to arrange a time: 3 Camp Postponed Due to current fire risk and weather conditions, the Year 3 Camp scheduled for 11 to 13 September has been postponed. We do apologise for any inconvenience. However, the safety of our students is paramount. We will communicate information about further outdoor education opportunities once the details have been confirmed.Page 6SCISSA Gala Day After a successful trial against Good Shepherd Lutheran College last week, our students in Years 4 to 6 are looking forward to SCISSA Gala Day Three tomorrow. Best wishes to all students and staff for an outstanding day of competition and demonstration of ILC school spirit at venues across the coast.Assembly Our final Primary School Assembly for Term Three will be a P to Year 6 event on Friday 20 September at 8.45am. We will also be holding a P to Year 12 Worship Service at 2.00pm on the same day in the A. J. Jericho Stadium. We hope you are able to join us at these end of term events.Arrival at School and Homework Club Any children arriving at school prior to 8.20am, with or without parents, must wait at the Undercover Area outside the Tuckshop. Children are not to go to their classrooms to wait with parents or drop off bags. A staff member is on duty at this time. Parents may also wait in the Undercover Area with their children, but not at the classrooms. Between 8.00am and 8.20am, staff are usually involved in meetings. Homework Club is only for the use of students who have been referred by their child’s teacher through direct parent consultation. The siblings of students in Homework Club must go to the Undercover Area and are not permitted to be in the Library before school. Parents, please remind your children of these procedures when bringing them to school. Your support is greatly appreciated.Immanuel Chess Tournament On Monday 9 September, Immanuel students attended the annual Sunshine Coast Teams Chess Championships at Lake Kawana Community Centre. Sunshine Coast school students from across the region competed in three divisions – Novice, Open and Premier with four Immanuel teams competing in the tournament. For many, it was their first time attending a team event and many will have taken away much from the experience. Immanuel achieved exceptional results in the Novice division with one of our teams receiving a medal for second place. Congratulations to: • • • • Jack Shirley Nate Rogers Koby Morrison Hugo PrzewlockiAs this in the final newsletter for this term, I wish all families a safe and restful Spring break. The term finishes on Friday 20 September. We look forward to seeing you back at school for the commencement of Term Four on Tuesday 8 October. Thank you for the continued support of your child’s learning journey in the Primary School. Scott Moore – Head of Primary SchoolFive other students also qualified for Merit ribbons due to their outstanding individual results. Congratulations to all who competed and represented the College with distinction. Sincere thanks to Miss Telford for her leadership of the 7Secondary School R U OK? Day – Free Dress (12 September) Tomorrow, the Secondary School will be recognising R U OK? Day. Part of this recognition will see the students permitted to attend school in free dress for a $2.00 donation. R U OK? Day is the national day of action dedicated to reminding everyone to ask, “Are you OK?” and to remember every day to support people who may be struggling with life’s ups and downs. Though not compulsory, students are encouraged to wear something yellow or orange, which are the representative colours this year. Similarly to all free dress days, students will need to ensure that they wear closed in shoes, shirts that cover their midriff and shoulders, appropriate length dresses/skirts/shorts and a sun-safe hat. Should they have sport on this day, they will need to bring their sports uniform to change into. The theme for this year’s R U OK Day is ‘Trust the signs. Ask R U OK?’ - further information can be found at: 11 Exam Block (12-20 September) Tomorrow will see the commencement of the Year 11 examination block. Students have been issued the exam timetable, which can also be accessed on SEQTA Learn and SEQTA Engage. With study-at-home-privileges available, students and parents are reminded of the following: • Exam times will differ from the normal timetable - please check the schedule thoroughly. • A study break will be provided between the two exam sessions on any given day. Should students wish to remain at school during this time, they will need to sign in and out at Student Services. • Normal uniform expectations, co-curricular commitments and travel rules remain.Year 11 Leadership Camp (7-11 October) Many thanks to all students who have returned the consent form for their week-long Leadership Retreat on Moreton Island next term. Throughout this time, they will enjoy numerous team-building activities, snorkelling, hiking, camping, cooking, sand boarding, swimming and perhaps even a bit of whale spotting. All families are asked to note the following details in preparation for this Time: Students will need to arrive at the bus turnaround on Monday 7 October at 5.15am for a 5.30am sharp departure. Please keep the bus turnaround area clear. Travel will be via bus, 4WD vehicles (driven by staff and parents) and the barge from the Port of Brisbane operations, Lytton. All students will need to pack morning tea for the trip as the first catered meal will be lunch. What to Take: Students were
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