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DIRECTORY OF ENGLISH CLASSMATES First name: angie Last name: Amaya GENERALITIS Address: kra14d #45e-42 First name: Alba Personal phone: Last name: Gonzales…
DIRECTORY OF ENGLISH CLASSMATES First name: angie Last name: Amaya GENERALITIS Address: kra14d #45e-42 First name: Alba Personal phone: Last name: Gonzales 3058663098 Address: Caribe verde Emergency phone: Personal phone: 322222 3014237120 Email: Emergency phone: 3043437036 m Email: First name: Camila alba.gonzales3202@gmail. Last name: Rodriguez comFirst name: alejandra Address: Kra32a #59-59 Last name: guzman Personal phone: Address: kra16 #34-29 3004721609 Personal phone: Emergency phone: 3113710984 3004271609 Emergency phone: Email: 3008570423 Email: mFirst name: Daniela haleguzman27@gmailcom Last name: Redondo Address: Kra56 #40-153 Personal phone: Last name: Sabagh 3003717818 Emergency phone: Address: - 3222222 Personal phone: Email: 3045389514 Emergency phone: First name: Darwin 322222 Last name: Mena Email: - Address: Kra26c #17-13 First name: Fredy Personal phone: Last name: Missat 3005319875 Address: kra64 #64-67 Emergency phone: 3222222 Personal phone: 3014481975 Email: darwinmena0707@gmail.c Emergency phone: om 3222222 First name: dayana Email: Last name: serrano First name: gabriela Address: kra9e #61c-19 Last name: martinez Personal phone: 3013942782 Address: kra1 #07-62 Emergency phone: Personal phone: 3008570423 3022226789 Email: Emergency phone: dserranoguerrero@gmail.c 322222 om Email: First name: Farah First name: Harry Last name: Teheran Email: Address: kra21 #50-43 First name: Leydi Last name: Fonseca Personal phone: 3207354595 Address: kra43 #33-53 Emergency phone: Personal phone: 3222222 3005199101 Email: Emergency phone: harrysinho 3005199101 m Email: First name: kelly andreafonseca004@gmail. com Last name: esquiva First name: Luisa Address: kra2 #41c-88 Last name: Amaya Personal phone: 3005658594 Address: kra10b #52e-67 Emergency phone: Personal phone: 3052923702 3008978034 Email: Emergency phone: 3017316454 First name: Leandry Email: Last name: Maltos First name: Maria Address: calle15f #15-08 Last name: De leon Personal phone: 3118004460 Address: calle63b #25b- 134 Emergency phone: 3114080470 Personal phone: First name: Robert 3016114309 Last name: Ferrer Emergency phone: Address: kra20b #47b-62 3222222 Personal phone: Email: 3008035566 mnelalldleon3604@gmail. com First name: maria Emergency phone: 3462326 Email: Last name: martinez Address: kra54 #46-58 Personal phone: First name: Sthefany 3008570423 Last name: Ayala Address: calle81a #18e-23 Emergency phone: 3007213503 Personal phone: 3022477880 Email: First name: Paola Emergency phone: 3222222 Last name: Arteta Email: Address: calle33E #02-50 Personal phone: First name: Valentina 3016673723 Last name: Damian Emergency phone: 3178377231 Address: calle34b #1b-28 Email: Personal phone: 3017504743 m Emergency phone: 3017504743 Email: Address: - valentinadamian@gmail.c Personal phone: om 3234136888 First name: Wendy Emergency phone: Last name: Villareal 3234136888 Address: kra1c #04-94 Email: Personal phone: m 3002936222 Emergency phone: 3012511949 Email: First name: Yulianis Last name: Escorcia Address: calle37b #12- 30b Personal phone: 3015194863 Emergency phone: 3003246702 Email: escorciayulianis20@gmail. com First name: Zareth Last name: Lopez
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