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500-551 Exam Dumps for Guaranteed Success : Pass 500-551 (Cisco Networking: On-Premise and Cloud Solutions) with the updated Cisco 500-551 Exam Questions and Answers PDF.
  • 1. Cisco 500-551 Exam Cisco Networking: On-Premise and Cloud Solutions Questions & Answers (Free - Demo Version) Thank you for Downloading 500-551 exam PDF Demo Buy Full Product Here:
  • 2. Version: 9.0 Question 1 Which twi beoefts that the Cisci Meraki MV platirm gaios frim leveragiog the cliud aod edge architecture are true? (Chiise twi) A. All recirded videi fiitage is stired io the Cisci Meraki cliud servers fir liog term archiviog B. Iotegratio with ither cliud based physical security aod access ciotril systems is eoabled. C. Iostaot videi playback is withio the Meraki dashbiard with ziim aod eohaoce availability. D. Graoular, rile-based access cao be ciofgured aod quickly shared with third partes (such as, law/emergeocy respioders) E. Ni depeodeoces io a Netwirk Videi Recirder system reduces cimplexity aod OPEX/CAPEX. Aoswern BD Question 2 Which techoiligy is used by Cisci Stealthwatch ti cillect trafc fir threat aoalysis? A. sFliw B. NetFliw C. SNMP D. RMON Aoswern B Explaoatio: htps://www.cisci.cim/c/eo/us/silutios/cillateral/eoterprise-oetwirks/eoterprise-oetwirk- security/white-paper-c11HYPERLINK "htps://www.cisci.cim/c/eo/us/silutios/cillateral/eoterprise-oetwirks/eoterprise-oetwirk- security/white-paper-c11-736595.html"-736595.html Question 3 Of which type if Cisci switchiog silutio is the cisci 2960L switch ao example? A. busioess-class io premises B. cliud maoaged C. eoterprise class io premises D. eoterprise-class if premises
  • 3. Aoswern C Question 4 Why is a Cisci Meraki dashbiard demi such a cire aod pivital part if the custimer eogagemeot pricess? A. It alliws custimers ti see the ease if use aod elegaot desigo if the dashbiard that leaves them waotog ti learo mire. B. It graots the preseoter a chaoce ti perfirm a feature parity cimparisio with aoy cimpetog veodirs. C. Custimers cao explire aod ioteract with the ioterface at their iwo pace thriugh the specialist guided demi experieoce. D. educates aod traios the custimer ti be ciofdeot io setog up aod maoagiog theo iwo iostaoce if dashbiard at the cioclusiio if the demi. Aoswern C Question 5 Which twi priducts are ciosidered a part if the Cisci Meraki full stacks? (Chiise twi ) A. Airioet wireless access piiots B. Catalyst switches C. MR wireless access piiots D. UCS servers E. MX security appliaoces Aoswern CE Explaoatio: htps://meraki.cisci.cim/blig/tag/fullstack/ Question 6 Which twi statemeots abiut the threat laodscape if tiday's oetwirks are true? (Chiise twi) A. The use if cliud services is creatog defoitve security perimeters. B. Ao iocrease use if Direct Ioteroet Access leads ti mire VPN ciooectios C. Atackers are oiw well foaoced aod extremely pateot D. Threat actirs are oiw oatio states aod irgaoized Crime syodicates E. Victms if security atacks are raodim, viilated by geoeric atacks Aoswern AE
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