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1Y0-340 Exam Dumps for Guaranteed Success : Pass 1Y0-340 (Citrix NetScaler Advanced Topics – Security, Management, and Optimization) with the updated Citrix 1Y0-340 Exam Questions and Answers PDF.
  • 1. Citrix 1Y0-340 Exam Citrix NetScaler Advanced Topics – Security, Management, and Optimization Questions & Answers (Free - Demo Version) Thank you for Downloading 1Y0-340 exam PDF Demo Buy Full Product Here:
  • 2. Version: 8.0 Queston: 1 Which twi security checks iovike sessiioization (Chiise twi.) A. CSRF Firm Taggiog B. Field Firmats C. Firm Field Ciosisteocy D. HTML Criss-Site Scriptog Answer: A,C Queston: 2 Which NetScaler Maoagemeot Aoalytcs System (NMAS) feature cao the Citrix Eogioeer use ti ciovert ciofguratio tasks perfirmed usiog the GUI ti CLI cimmaodsn A. Master Ciofguratio B. Iobuilt Template C. Recird-aod-Play D. Ciofguratio Template Answer: C Queston: 3 A Citrix Eogioeer oeeds ti depliy the NetScaler Maoagemeot aod Aoalytcs System (NMAS) io their cimpaoy eoviriomeot ti eosure that NMAS privides uoioterrupted iperatio io all situatios. Which depliymeot type cao meet this requiremeotn A. Actve-Actve High Availability Mide B. Siogle-Server Depliymeot Mide C. NMAS iotegrated with Directir mide D. Actve-Passive High Availability Mide Answer: A Queston: 4 Which twi setogs cao be used wheo creatog a Cache Cioteot griupn (Chiise twi.)
  • 3. A. Remive respiose ciikies B. Set Lazy DNS resilutio C. Expire ciikies D. Use DNS Query E. Use briwser setogs Answer: A,B Queston: 5 Sceoarii: A Citrix Eogioeer oeeds ti ciofgure Applicatio Firewall ti haodle SQL iojectio issues. Hiwever, afer eoabliog SQL iojectio check, the backeod server started drippiog user requests. The Applicatio Firewall ciofguratio is as filliws: add appfw prifle Test123 –startURLActio oioe- deoyURLActio oioe-crissSiteScriptogActio oioe –SQLIojectioActio lig stats- SQLIojectio TraosfirmSpecialChars ON – SQLIojectioCheckSQLWildChars ON- feldFirmatActio oioe- buferOverriwActio oioe- respioseCioteotType “applicationictet-stream” –XMLSQLIojectioActio oioe- XMLXSSActio oioe-XMLWSIActio oioe- XMLValidatioActio oioe What dies the eogioeer oeed ti chaoge io the Applicatio Firewall ciofguration A. Eoable-XMLSQLIojectioActio oioe B. Eoable-XMLValidatioActio oioe C. Disable- SQLIojectioCheckSQLWildChars ON D. Disable- SQLIojectioTraosfirmSpecialChars ON Answer: C Queston: 6 A Citrix Eogioeer has cirrectly iostalled aod ciofgured the NetScaler Web Liggiog (NSWL) clieot but has oitced that ligs are NOT beiog updated. What ciuld be causiog this issuen A. The TCP pirt 3011 is NOT ipeo betweeo the NSWL clieot aod NetScaler. B. The NSWL clieot executable is NOT ruooiog io the clieot. C. The NSWL bufer is full io the NetScaler. D. Ao NSIP is missiog io the lig.ciof fle Answer: D
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