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Message fromMessage fromBashar Al-JamalRay Williams MPDirector of Human Appeal AustraliaMinister for MulticulturalismDear brothers and sisters As Muslims around the…
Message fromMessage fromBashar Al-JamalRay Williams MPDirector of Human Appeal AustraliaMinister for MulticulturalismDear brothers and sisters As Muslims around the world have completed fasting the holy month of Ramadan and are now enjoying Eid al-Fitr; it is a great pleasure to send you my best wishes and to extend it to your families and friends in Australia and around the world. Through Ramadan Muslims willingly undertake the feeling of hunger and thirst with those poor and needy who struggle to secure a meal or can’t find water to drink. Therefore they thrive to donate and give the needy during the blessed month. Alhamdulillah, in Australia we have such a generous community we are proud to be part of. The advantages of your generosity and support were felt in 26 countries and destinations worldwide. On behalf of every orphan found education through orphan sponsorship, every widow secured income through our income generating projects, every thirsty child got access to clean water, every refugee or displaced been fed and given shelter I would like to thank you for your generous contributions. Over half a million beneficiaries benefited from your Ramadan campaign donations. As I look to the year ahead, I am wishing you Eid Mubarak; I hope we all will enjoy the season’s blessings and happiness with our loved ones, peace and prosperity with our communities. Muslims in Australia will unite with their brothers and sisters around the globe in prayers, contemplation and respect, our Families will share love, gifts and meals in celebration of the completion of Ramadan and the occasion of Eid-Al-Fitr. Eid MubarakNext MEFF Sunday 9 June 2019I am delighted to send my best wishes to those attending the Multicultural Eid Festival & Fair – a celebration showcasing our state’s diversity. More than 35 communities will be represented at the annual festival and fair. As the Minister for Multiculturalism, I commend its organisers, the hard-working leaders and staff of the Australian MEFF Consortium, for arranging an event that promotes social cohesion and community harmony. I applaud this year’s theme of ‘Human Rights for All: Awareness, Respect and Implementation, which encourages us to consider the importance of human rights and how to put this into action. Eid Mubarak!Message from Julia Finn MPState Member for Granville Eid is a time of rejoicing and celebration. It’s a time of blessing and. peace, it’s a time to reflect and ponder, it’s a time to celebrate together. On this very special occasion I am delighted to send my best wishes to participants in the 2018 Multicultural Eid Festival & Fair. I would very much like to extend my sincerest congratulations in recognition MEFF’s long history as the first, largest and longest running Multicultural Eid festival in Australia and send my best wishes for a successful 2018 Festival. This year’s theme of “Human Rights for All: Awareness, Respect and Implementation” is a timely reminder of the importance of all of us from all our different backgrounds to come together. Eid Mubarak!‫هل تريد السفر إىل‬ ‫أ‬ ‫صل؟‬ ‫بلدك ال ي‬...‫هل تعلم أنه‬‫ت‬ ‫إذا لم يكن لديك ي ف‬ ‫ال� تتك ّبدها ف ي� الخارج؟‬ ‫تأم� سفر مناسب ستكون مسؤول ً بالكامل عن التكاليف الطبية ي‬ ‫أ‬ ‫ت‬ ‫تعت�ك أس�الياً؟‬ ‫صل فإن سلطاته أالمحلية قد ل ب‬ ‫إذا كانت ألديك جنسيتان وكنت تريد السفر إىل بلدك ال ي‬ ‫المساعدة القنصلية ال ت‬ ‫س�الية؟‬ ‫يحد من قدرتك عل الحصول عل‬ ّ ‫إن هذا المر قد‬ ‫ أشهر؟‬6 ‫قد يُرفض دخولك إىل بلدك إذا كان جواز سفرك صالحاً لمدة تقل عن‬.‫متعتك‬ ِ ‫قلّل من قلقك وزد من‬ ‫أ‬ ‫ت‬ .‫صل‬ ‫ال� يجب أن تعرفها قبل السفر إىل بلدك ال ي‬ ‫ لالطّالع عل المعلومات ي‬smartraveller.gov.au/Arabic ‫تفقّد الموقع‬JULY 2018 / ISSUE 152Message fromMessage fromJihad Dib MPChris Hayes MPMember for Lakemba I wish all of the attendees at the Multicultural Eid Festival and Fair an Eid Mubarak. Eid al Fitr for me is about spending time with loved ones and reflecting on the past month. It was heart-warming to see how people, from different faiths and backgrounds, came together in Ramadan for the simple act of sharing a meal. I congratulate the organisers and volunteers of the Multicultural Eid Festival and Fair for providing this wonderful Eid celebration, as they have done for the past 35 years.Message from Frank Carbone Mayor of FairfieldI extend my warmest wishes to the community as they gather together for this year’s Multicultural Eid Festival and Fair. Not just a celebration for Sydney’s Muslims, this is a wonderful opportunity for families and individuals from all cultural backgrounds to gather together and celebrate our rich diversity. This year’s festival theme is “Human Rights for All: Awareness, Respect and Implementation”. It reminds us to make every effort to be united against ignorance and fear, to bring together our collective strengths to build a better tomorrow for our children. I hope that Ramadan was a fulfilling and rewarding time for everyone who observed it and that it has left you inspired and uplifted for the year ahead. Eid Mubarak.Message fromDr Q Ashfaq AhmadFounder of the Multicultural Eid Festival & FairAssalaamu Alaikum May peace be upon you, your loved ones, our communities, our nation and the world. Peace. love and compassion is abundant in this world but, it seems, scarce in the places where it matters most. Leaders here and around the world have chosen the short-term expediency of division, fear and profits to override the longterm benefits of inclusion, compassion, care and financial security. However, in this nation at least, it is we who choose our leaders and it is we who have the opportunity to actively compete with interest and lobby groups to influence their decision making. It is incumbent upon every one of us to steer our leaders to better policies. Griping and complaining is wasted energy if we can’t channel it towards change. I pray that you have an enjoyable day, get to know each other form lasting friendships before you leave the festival. Ameen.WWW.AMUST.COM.AUFederal Member for Fowler It gives me great pleasure to join with you and provide this message for the annual Multicultural Eid Festival & Fair (MEFF) 2018. I commend the commitment and dedication of the organising committee and volunteers, who put on this major event every year in our local community, for all of us to enjoy. MEFF continues to grow and spread the word of peace and social harmony, whilst at the same time combining fun and family entertainment to mark the end of the holy month of Ramadan. The Festival also provides an opportunity for all Australians to join with those of the Islamic faith to celebrate the diversity and vibrance of our culture and traditions, showcasing the benefits of our multiculturalism. The Australian MEFF Consortium is to be congratulated on its excellent community reputation, which comes from the great work of a dedicated team, who work tirelessly to encourage social inclusion throughout our local community. As the Federal Member for Fowler, I am honoured to represent one of the most multicultural communities in Australia, which boasts diverse culture, friendships and the ability to live in harmony. I look forward to attending the festivities and take this opportunity to wish all Australian Muslims a peaceful and prosperous Eid al-Fitr.Message from Aamir AhmadPresident of IFEW Recently we completed fasting in the month of Ramadan, and ended with a day full of celebrations with our family and friends. Another year has passed and w ​ e thank Allah t​hat ​He has blessed us with another successful month of Ramadan for this year. Some of our very close relatives or friends may not have made it to this Ramadan with my very close aunt, Sadia Siddiqui (one of the pioneers​of the Multicultural Eid Festival and Fair) ​passing away earlier this year. We pray to Allah to grant her and all our dear ones who have passed away the highest rank of Janatul Firdaus Inshallah. ​As we celebrate Eid and attend MEFF this year, we should still remember that this world is temporary and life is very short. Enjoy every minute of it, love each other and celebrate with all your loved ones. Please remember our brothers and sisters that are suffering around the world especially those in Burma, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and Palestine. May Allah grant them peace and tranquillity in their lives. May Allah accept t​hese past days of fasting, our prayers, our night prayers and all other worship t​hat we have done i​n this month of Ramadan.AUSTRALASIAN MUSLIM TIMES15NEWS 1-4SHUTTLE BUS FROM FAIRFIELD STATIONAMUSTCENTREFOLDMEFF 2018 MAPBOOMERANG 5-8COMMUNITY 9 - 15AUSTRALIA 16 - 19CENTREFOLD 20 - 21Please use this as a guide onlyR2 SMITHFIELD RD SHOWGROUND MAIN ENTRANCEPONY RIDESA11 A10 A9A8A7G1A6PRAYER AREA PRAYER B7 B6 B5 B4 B3 B2 B1 AREA MEN C19 C18 C17 C16 C15 C14 EntryE3E2E1V1D17 D16 D15 D14 D13D12 D11 D10 D9D8 D7D6 D5 D4 D3 D2 D1 T2C17 C16 C15 C14 C13C12 C11 C10 C9C8 C7C6 C5 C4 C3 C2 C1 T3V3T1 T4SB17 B16 B15 B14 B13 A17 A16 A15 A14 A13B12 B11 B10 B9B6 B5 B4 B3 B2 B1B8 B7A12 A11 A10 A9 A8 A7STABLESEXHIBITION STALLSEntryCOMMUNITY ENGAGEMENTV2EXHIBITION STALLSEntryLADIESG2A6 A5 A4A3 A2 A1T6T5T10T7T8T9Sp SSR6 H2H1V10R7R8VIEWING AREA FOR FIREWORKSR9EXHIBITION STALLS DIRECTORY | A-Z Stall No. Stall Name (A-F) G1 C16 B15 A17C10 C8 A8,9 A10 B7 B8 C3absolute showbags Showbags | Bubbles AIIDA Shoes | Leather Products Anam Jewels Bridal Jewellery Ayahs Tops | Skirts | Hijabs | Jelbabs | Dresses | Bags | Shoes Ayse Uguz ( Turkish Islamic Clothing) Ladies/Kids Clothes: Pants | Skirts | Dresses | Tops | Jackets | Swimwear | T-Shirts | Toys | Albums | Frames | Baby Items Bella Maria Pakistani And Indian Wear | Accessories boutique nour al houda Islamic Clothing | Islamic Accessories Clothing for a Muslim Hijabs | Hijab Caps | Islamic Wear Cloud Express Pty LtdDarussalam Books | Gifts | Frames DAWATE-E-ISLAMI INC D16 Qurans | Path To Piety | Siratul Jinnan | Miswaak | Tasbihs | Prayer Rug | Muslim Caps | Madani Panjura | Fragrances | Green Imam (Turban)| Winter/Summer Shawls | Mens Clothing Delight Cone D3 Kids Educational And Creative Toys And Craft Digitronic International D5 Media Player Jadoo TV | CCTV/TV Antenna Information Divine Jewellery B14 Sterling Silver /Stainless Steel Jewellery | Tasbih/Prayer Beads Eastern Veil A5 Woman’s Day Dresses | Coats | Kid’s Clothing | Shoes | Baby Toys | Blankets | Cushions | Play Mats | Kids Sunglasses | Hair Clips Equitable Financial Solutions Pty Ltd C5 Shariah Compliant Financial Solutions First Call Nursing C4 In Home Support (e.g. Personal Care) For the Aged & Disabled Flock Clothing A3 Women’s Top’ | Women’s DressesA11,12 B11,1216AUSTRALASIAN MUSLIM TIMESStall No. Stall Name (G-M) Gould Sydney Booklets | Cards | Posters Hassan Saboune C6 Jewellery | Clothes |Gifts Hejaz Financial Services D17 Islamic Super, Investment And Finance HIjab HO B1 B2 Men/Women/Children’s Abayyas | Scarves | Caps | Prayer Clothes Hijab Hut A7 Clothing | Accessories Holy Teaching C9 The Meanings Of The Holy Quran, Injil, Zebur And Tavrat HOME789 D2 Kellyville/Meadowbank/Epping Apartments hornsby dawaa mosque D8 Hornsby Dawaa community service | Drinks HURA HENNA ARTIST B10 Henna Painting (Body Art) | Artificial Jewellery | Indian Clothing indian henna & jewellery C13 Jewellery | Henna Tattoo Services Islamic Cooperative Finance Australia Ltd B17 Investment opportunities - Invest in peace with IFCAL Jannats Kids Collections A4 Children’s Clothes | Shoes | Bangles KANIZ FATEMA D1 Light Up Toys | Light Up Bubble Guns Khatoons Henna B6 Henna Tattoo KM Affordable Homes D9 Affordable and flexible payment plans Kokolakshan C15 Handmade Jewellery laura's toys B13 Toys | Showbags | Glowies Lets DRESS B9 Make Your Own Fluffy Slime | Slime Kits | Superhero Capes MAA International A6 MAA Water Bottles | Honey | Umbrellas | Tote Bags Mariams Henna Art D6 Henna J2WWW.AMUST.COM.AUStall No. Stall Name (M-Z)Medina Pazari Int Tailor Clothing | Scarf's Modest Designs B3 Ladies Islamic Wear | Hijab | Accessories N&N Boutique A16 Ladies Clothes Niffiz Fashion Boutique C17 Indian Clothes | Bangles Noora B C14 Scarves | Muslim Dresses | Hijab Accessories Orphans and Widows West Africa (O.W.W.A) Inc. D11 Bracelets | Necklaces | Waist Strings | Accessories | Home Decorations | Baskets | Tablemats Palestine Fair Trade Australia Incorporated E2 Organic Fair-Trade Olive Oils | Soaps | Dry Goods (Za'a Maftoul And Freekah) | Ceramics | Spreads/Tapenade Paperlight E1 Light Up Balloons/Glasses | Bubble Guns | Flower Crow Qartaba Homes Pty Ltd C1 Innovative & Affordable housing solutions C2 Raiment C7 Ladies Clothing B4 SBS B5 Radio Program Promotion | Sample Instant Noodles Showbags and things G2 Showbags | Toys Sydney Health & Care ServicesA13 A14D10 A1 A2 D7 D4D12 C11 C12 B16The Emina Shop Hijabs | Hijab Accessories, The Islamic Bookstore Books | Frames | Islamic Gift UAE EXCHANGE AUSTRALIA Foreign Currency Exchange & Money Transfer Unity Grammar Balloons | Information On Scholarships/Gifted/Talent Walidsportsclothes Afghanistan Traditional Clothes | Soccer Jerseys | Free World Toys R Us Remote Control Cars | RC Helicopters | RC Drones | RC DISSUE 152 / JULY 2018LIFESTYLE 22 - 26UMMAH 27 - 29EDUCATION 30 - 33TRAVEL 34BUSINESS 35SOCIAL 36 - 39CENTREFOLDFOOD STALLS DIRECTORY | A-ZAMUSTStall No. Stall Name Chilli Chaat Papri Chaat | Gol Gappe | Bhel Puri | Samosa Chaat | Aaloo Tikki | Chai/Tea/Water/Drinks cook4me Hotdogs | Pluto Pups | Nuggets | Potato Stick | Corn In A Cup | Slushee | Chips Dos Churros Spanish Churros | Dipping Sauce | Cold Drinks Fluffie Floss Fresh Fairy Floss On Stick | Fairy Floss In Bags | Rainbow Fairy Floss Tub Foodopia Chip On Sticks | Desi Soda (Crushed Mint, Lemon Ginger Sprinkled With Black Salt) | Punjabi Samosa | Pani Puri | Dahi Bhallay (Yoghurt Based Snack) | Cholay Baturay (Deep Fried Bread With Chickpeas Curry) | Kheer (Milk Based Sweet) Fresh Cane Pty Ltd Sugarcane Juice | Corn Himalaya Pakistani & Indian Restaurant Tandoori Chicken | Naan Bread | Curry Rice iJuice Sugarcane Sugarcane Juice | Watermelon Slushie Jallab Al Amoudi Fresh Orange Juice | Lemonade | Strawberry Juice | Jallab (Middle Eastern Date Drink) Juice Please Sugarcane Juice Khan baba Chicken Tikka | Biryani | NAAN Osso Ottoman Turkish Coffee Turkish Coffee Pearls Authentic Foods Gozleme | Potato On Stick | DrinksF12F6 F3FIRST AIDF4F13F1F2F3F4F5F6F7V11V12F9 F15 F16S2 S1F2R1J2S4 S3F5ponsor StallsF7R3S6 S5R5F13 F14 F11 F10FOOD VANS DIRECTORY | A-Z V5V4V6V7V8F9 F10 F11F12 F13 F14 F15 F16 F17Stall No. Stall NameV9SMITHFIELD RD SHOWGROUND NORTHERN ENTRANCEISLAMIC FOUNDATION FOR EDUCATION & WELFAREStall No. Sponsor Stalls Low Cost Housing Interest Free Land For Sale S1 Human Appeal Australia S2 Information on Emergency Relief & Empowerment of Communities S5 Smartraveller (DFAT) - Etcom S6 Travel Advice & Consular Information Service | Photo Booth S3 Hentley - Mideo PTY LTD S4 Wallet | Health And Beauty Products | Lollies Islamic Foundation for Education & Welfare (IFEW) H1 Information | Books Australasian Muslim Times AMUST H2 Community NewspaperD13 14,15atar, (Veg)wnR1Petting Zoo: 11AM - 1PM ; 2PM - 4PMR2Pony Rides: 12PM - 4PMR3Facepainting: 1PM - 5:30PMT3 T4 T5 T9 T7 T8 T6 T1 T10AUSGREEN HOMESR5Autism Spectrum Australia BCCI Crescent Relief Ethnic Communities Council of NSW Indian Crescent Society of Australia IncNotebook Solutions Poster Competition Entries Psychcentral pty ltdCDs/DVDsJULY 2018 / ISSUE 152Balloon Twisting: 2:30PM - 5:30PMR6Cdarz Lebanese Drumming Procession: 2PM - Will lead VIPs to StageR7Design a Mosque Workshop with Peter Gould: 3PMR8Cdarz Drumming + Firebreathing: 7:00PMR9Fireworks: 7:30PMKemps Creek CemeteryProgramsDinosaursClown (Roaming Around): 3PM - 5:30PMAlliance for Gambling ReformV6V2 V8AUSTRALASIAN MUSLIM TIMESSHOWGROUND ENTERTAINMENTStall No. Information Stalls T2AMUSTV9Dora, Mickey, Minnie, Tarek: Throughout The Day WWW.AMUST.COM.AUV11V10 V4 V8V5 V1 V7V32 Smokin Arabs Texas Style BBQ Falafel on the Run Falafel Wrap | Falafel Plate | Falafel Bowl With Tabouli | Falafel Burger | Combos With Drink + Chips Jordan kebab Beef Kebab | Chicken Kebab | Hot Chips | Chicken Stick | Chicken Chips | Pluto Pup | Hot Dogs | Spring Rolls | Hot Drinks/Coffee/Tea | Soft Drink | Spring Water Jump N Wiggle Fairy Floss (Stick Or Bag) | Popcorn Bucket | Sno Cone | Crispy Chicken With Curley Fries | Falafel Roll | Coffee With Photo Prints | Fresh Lemonade With Mint Jungle George Ice Cream | Gelato | Cold Drinks | Fresh Fruit Juice | Milk Shakes | Coffee | Assorted Cakes | Frozen Slushie | Popcorn M & M Kebabs Kebabs | Cold/Hot Drinks | Hot Food (Hot Dogs, Chips Etc) snoop dogs/burgers/pies Coffee/Tea | Muffins | Cheese Toastie| Water/Soft Drinks | Hot Dogs | Beef Burgers | Cheese Burgers | Portuguese Chicken Burger | Beef Pies | Chicken Pies | Beef Mushroom Pie | Meal Deals With Drink + Chips Sweetchoise Ice Cream | Slushie | Cold Drink Sydney Ice cream Ice Cream Soft Serve | Slushies | Coffee Twist Chips on a Stick Twist Chips On A Stick | Nachos | Grand Hot Chips With Fresh Salad & Spices | Hot Chips | Hot Corn In A Cup | Corn On Cob | Samosa Chaat - Indian Curries And Rice | Fresh Fruit Juice | Mocktails |Soft Drinks | Energy Drinks | Water Twist Potato & Waffle on a Stick Twist Potato | Waffle Items | Lemonade | Slushie/Frappe | Cold DrinksRIDESSpace Roller | Double ranger | Bungee tramps | Downdraft | Wacky Worm (roller coaster) | Kite Flyer | dodgem cars. | Gravitron | free fall | Inflatable world. | Paddle boats. | Trabant | cup and saucer. | Mini chairs. | Convoy. | Ferris wheel. | Super trooper. | Circus fun house. | Auto Bee | Train | Giant Slide and much, much more!RIDES CLOSE 9PMBuy Online: Unlimited Rides Wristband for $20! visit www.meff.ifew.com/deals AUSTRALASIAN MUSLIM TIMES17Multicultural Eid Festival & Fair | Sunday 8 July | Fairfield ShowgroundCo-ordinator: Fousiya BismiSession 1: 12:30 pm - 1:35 pm Welcome & MC Announcements MC: Zaynab HasanyQuran Recitation Qari Ijaz KarimyarKarate PerformanceWestern Sydney Martial Arts Fitness CentreAllah's Creation: Kids Dance Gujarati Muslim AssociationNasheedJamal El SankariTraditional Bosnian Folk Dance EminaRamadan Diary 2018Young Innovators NetworkRamadan Poster Competition Announcement Peter GouldThanks & EndMC: Zaynab HasanySession 2: Main Ceremony 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm WelcomeC'Darz Entertainment DrummersAustralian National Anthem Mehreen JavedAcknowledgement to CountryZiaul Islam Ahmad, Patron of MEFFQuran RecitationQari Mustafa AshrafiWelcome AddressAli Alsalami, President of MEFFWelcome DanceAustralian Malayalee Islamic AssociationDuff Mutt Traditional South Indian Dance Australian Malayalee Islamic AssociationChoose from our amazing life-changing projectsAddress by The Hon Ray Williams Minister of MulticulturalismSpoken Word Poetry Bankstown Poetry SlamAddress by Mr Jihad Dib MP Member for LakembaPashtoon DanceHaidari Welfare Association and Parachinar CommunityThanks & End MCSession 3: 3.30 pm - 5:10 pm Zuhr Adhan 12:00 pm Zuhr Salat 12:15 pmKarate PerformanceWestern Sydney Martial Arts Fitness CentreIslamic QuizYoung Innovators NetworkPoetryIsha PrayerQari Mustafa TaheriAsr PrayerQuran RecitationIsha Adhan 6:30 pm Isha Salat 6:45 pmMCAsr Adhan 3:00 pm Asr Salat 3:15 pmZuhr PrayerWelcome & MC Announcements Zakat Al Maal2.5%Fulfil the obligation of your Zakat Al Maal and provide relief to those in need.$50from$500per month Orphan SponsorshipBuild A Water WellSponsor an Orphan and be among those who will be in Paradise with the Prophet (pbuh).Provide safe clean water solutions to the needy. This is a Sadaqa Jariya (ongoing charity).Income Generation$600Help needy families to earn a sustainable income, rebuild their lives and provide for their family.Banlstown Poetry Slam18Maghrib Adhan 5:10 pm Maghrib Salat 5:15 pmMaghrib PrayerPoster Competition Prizes Peter GouldMagic ShowJul
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