Lisa Karrer's Educational Resume

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Lisa Karrer's Educational Resume
  LISA KARRER Educator/Composer/Performing & Video Artist 50 Hungry Hollow Road Chestnut Ridge NY 10977 845 290-6746 ell! 646 247-"421 lisa#arrer$o%tonline&net htt%!''www&si(ons-#arrer&o( EXPERIENCE: eac!ing Artist" Composer" #u$timedia Performing Artist" Administrator" Professiona$ %ee$opment" #usic and Performing S'i$$s Co$$eges and (niersities  )08-)1"   * )*+, -.A. %egree in Performing Arts" +(%ire ,tate College*  -ing!amton (niersit N0 uest %er.or(ing artist and leturer .or /usi and +olutionary ,tudies e%art(ents %er.or(ed 3,his(is(! Natural aw (ulti-(edia %er.or(ane ased on the li.e o. Charles arwin leture on er.or(ane rt*  Ramapo Co$$ege N1 uest %er.or(ing artist leturer and teaher wor#sho%s in :(%roisation and /usi and ender o((issioned o(%oser and (usial diretor .or ;errie Center .or the rts %rodution o. 3lie :n <onderland %er.or(ed 3,his(is(! Natural aw .or /usi e%t&* 2air$eig! %ic'inson (niersit N1 uest %er.or(ing artist and leturer .or C=R+ urriulu( lasses in Cultural nthro%ology* Ca$ifornia State (niersit at San #arcos  uest %er.or(ing artist .or +olutionary ,tudies e%art(ent %er.or(ed 3,his(is(! Natural aw .or arwin ,y(%osiu( Sc!oo$s" Non3Profits and Cu$tura$ Venues 2005-09* ,ered as ;oard ,eretary ;oard Chair and ting +>eutie iretor o. #an!attan Ne4 #usic Pro5ects 6#N#P7  a arts eduation and %er.or(ane organi?ation .ousing on s%eial needs students )09-)14*  Enision !eatre  ra(a /usi and er.or(ane ,#ills .or @-6 grades* A4arded AC8R Arts3In3Education 9rants  rts-+duation residenies at +ldorado +le(entary and @a#iat +le(entary ,hools Ro#land County* ae ;i$$ 3 2at!er<s %a 2ami$ ee'end or's!ops 2010 - 2012* Litt$e 8rc!estra Societ  Co(%osing s#ills .or grades 1A2 NYC A ;#lyn uli ,hools*  Kripa$u 0oga Institute  Baulty Childrens rogra( resenter * -ron= C!arter Sc!oo$ for t!e Arts  er.or(ed onerts and onduted wor#sho%s  )02-)11*  0oung Audiences N0  , 89@ "52 D,%eial Needs studentsE ;reuer Yeshia ,hool! /usi A er.or(ane ,#ills Fideo A C reording Ho(e(ade :nstru(ent ;uilding notation A song-writing *  #idori & 2riends  G , 64 onert 12 wee# resideny and ul(inating eent*  #an!attan Ne4 #usic Pro5ects  G C:+ DCreatie and :ntegratie rts +duatorsE /entoring s .or teahers and deelo%ing (usi %er.or(ane urriulu( and ideo in istrit 75 ,%eial Needs ,hools ting +>eutie iretor and ;oard Chair 2007-2008&* Ro=>ur Arts 9roup -  CR8P Programs  eahing rtist with elaware County and Roc'efe$$er #usic 2und  rei%ient .or @@// D@aats#ill @ids /a#e /usiE <or#sho%s * Aampato %iscoer #useum  rtist-in-residene Charleston <est Firginia awarded #id3At$antic Arts A4ard?  Ho(e(ade :nstru(ents onert and ideo * C!i$dren<s Aid Societ  ro.essional eelo%(ent teaher and teahing artist .or %istrict @   Sc!oo$s * After Sc!oo$ #usic C$u>s:  &,& 8 Harle( C+,2 ;ron> &,& 21 ,: * Pro5ects Arts teaher-in-residene at &,& 146 in Iueens istrit 27 * Stern>urg #useum of Natura$ ;istor  rtist-in-residene Hayes @ansas guest teahing artist in @ansas area shools   )99-)00* Pro5ect Read  Foie and er.or(ane awareness lasses in Iueens NY * -as! !e ras! and #usic 2or ;omemade Instruments  eduational onerts and instru(ent uilding .or %artii%ating shool %rogra(s 1996-19991997* 8pen C$assroom Co$$a>oratie  eahing rtist 1994-1997 NYC shools* !ird Street #usic Sett$ement  NYC - Foie'rhyth('(oe(ent lasses .or #ids1996 * American 8pera Pro5ects  NYC!* =%era Bro( A round New Yor# +>tended oie lasses * lay :t ;y +ar Duest rtist under the diretion o. Rhoda eineE * Ro=>ur Arts Center  NY G Foie'Rhyth( wor#sho% in ollaoration with aid ,i(ons1995 %anse Ate$ier  Rotterda( Holland - ro.ound Foie wor#sho% .or solo daner .ollowed y ollaoration and in-%rogress %er.or(anes1994-95 Ra'ere State !eater  +stonia - ro.ound oie wor#sho%s .or tors +nse(le oie and rhyth( in ollaoration with aid ,i(ons199"-95 (R9E Pro5ect  oronto Canada! =n-going ollaoratie wor#sho%'laoratory s%eiali?ing in horal and ense(le singing e>tended and alternatie tehniJues %er.or(anes-in-%rogress 1992-95 Ruto Ki$$a'und !eater  +stonia - rou% and %riate oie wor#sho%s .or ators onerts o. srcinal solo and ense(le wor# +stonian hilhar(oni Cha(er Choir +stonia - re%aration wor#sho%s in e>tended oal tehniJues .or %ro.essional hoir .ollowed y %er.or(anes o. isa @arrers oal sore .or +(a%ol at the Nationa$ %rama !eater in allinn +stonia and and Pace (niersit  in New Yor# City 1991 Ki>>utB Ketura  :srael - Foie wor#sho%s .or @iut? o((unity ages 10 - 60 leture' de(os solo onert o. srcinal wor#s %er.or(ane ollaoration with noelist'%ainter isa Bliegel 1990 S'idmore Co$$ege  NY - Foie wor#sho% .or ators %re%aring to sing %er.or(anes o. isa @arrers srcinal sore .or aria oras House o. ;ernarda la Ne4 0or' (niersit  - uest teaher e%t& o. er.or(ing rts leture'de(o %er.or(anes& Educationa$ Videos 2004 I PA(SE IN SILLNESS  ou(entary o. the late :ndonesian dane sholar eena ;urton2005  ;E CREAIVE PR8CESS <or#sho% ou(entary o((issioned y a(%ato isoery /useu( Charleston <est Firginia 2007 LIVIN9 A#8N9S (S ,*+*  ou(entary o. rts rogra( at ;roo#lyn ,hool .or Career eelo%(ent o((issioned y Young udienes New Yor# 2013 S(PER #8NKE0  ou(entary %er.or(ane o. rts Bor @ids a.ter-shool resideny .eaturing :ndonesian ga(elan and shadow %u%%etry at , 28 in aterson New Kersey with o-teahing artist aid ,i(ons&201" %IS#ANLIN9 P(-LIC E%(CAI8N Darts 12 and "E G  study o. ultural dis%arity in the +ast Ra(a%o uli ,hool distrit Ro#land County NY&
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